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Mock up, prototype and manufacturing.

Our services are oriented to comply with defined requirements bringing results beyond spectatives. All this though our customer support and turnkey solutions, in product design and engineering development, prototyping and short runs manufacturing. Allowing us to develop subcontracted product development, for almost any kind of sector and industry according our capabilities.

Red mark incorporation to drawings as well as engineering orders throughout product development, trough our staff, in coordination with our on-site engineer.

Manufacturing engineering for production line support, shop aids, training manuals, process manuals, process documentation.

Technical and engineering in-situ support from our expert engineering personnel, and field service representatives for solution coordination or modifications during manufacture, or product repair / modification.

Manufacturing Capacities

Product Mockup development in different scales, eye candy and esthetics, space and fit on next assembly, functional and usage verification, configuration and accessory customer marketing impressions and acceptance evaluation.

Product Prototype development for destructive and non destructive tests, in different scales

Product Manufacturing trough our local workshop network according customer's drawings.

Assembly in Mexico under Maquiladora IMMEX Programs

Manual assembly cell or line

Available space

Qualified and trained staff