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Engineering services

Volare develops activities in its engineering center where all the ideas from consultancy and concept definition became feasible: Analysis and simulation, system integration according design for manufacturing process and assembly (DFMA) as well project control through our home developed Blue star v1.0 management system based on ISO and Boeing standards and requirements. Ensures each aspect of project administration is controlled. Timing, Scheduling documentation, activities, performance, quality, issue tracking etc. Our engineering center counts with capacities for product / component development for diverse disciplines, depending project demands and requirements.


imagen Expert product engineers develop estrategies for product requeriment analisis and feature decomposition:

imagen Decomposition in Installations, Assemblies, systems and components
imagen Spaces and equipment interfacing
imagen Mechanism definitions
imagen Mechanical engineering
imagen Systems engineering
imagen Geometry and shape
imagen Material selection
imagen Manufacturing technology selection
imagen Product finishes, textures and colours

imagen Standardization of fasteners and components
imagen Modular design
imagen Design for assembly
imagen Design for manufacturing
imagen Suply chain identification, vendor selection.
imagenComponent standarization and usage of "THE SHELF"

imagen Project ISSUE Control
imagen Project management
imagen Cost, lead time and logistics / project scheduling
imagen Documentat control

imagen Mechanical Symulation
imagen Assy & component FEA
imagen Structure interface load analysis
imagen Structure stress and deformation, force pressure and reaction definition and setup.

imagen Parametric design
imagen3D modeling of installations, assemblies, components
imagen3D modeling for systems
imagen2D design, layouts and simulations
imagenMechanical component interference



imagenMono page drawings
imagenMultipage drawings
imagenBill of materials
imagenTraceability and part numbering
imagenIndustry standard formats
imagenIndustry standard dimensioning by ANSI / ASME 14.5Y


imagenInstallation drawings with exploited views
imagenMono & Multi level assembly
imagenComponent source drawing generation


imagenComponent maintenance manual development, with illustrated part lists (CMM/IPL) according to latest industry standards, as to provide the necessary information for unit minor repairs and maintenance, instructions regarding assembly and disassembly, installation and substances for operation.

imagenCMM /IPL Electronic digitization and documentation development for the aerospace sector, in Hipertext linked PDF, SGML and XML complying with ATA Specifications.


imagenMachined Components
imagenSheet metal Components
imagenShapes and surfaces
imagenWelded Structures
imagenParts Manual assembled  
imagenParts Mechanically assembled (riveting, screw bolt washer nut)