How to Make Money Online With Youtube And PPD (Pay Per Download)

First of all let’s start with an introduction to PPD. The letters PPD comes from Pay Per Download which means, you guessed it, you get paid every time someone downloads your file. That’s all there is too it.

  • Find a network
  • Sign up
  • Upload some files
  • Promote and voila!

Once you start getting some downloads some will start getting some dollars!

Before I get into it in more depth, there are few things you should know when trying to make some money with PPD. Firstly, PPD is the easiest way to make money and I always recommended to newbies to start off with PPD, but you are not going to make a huge amount of money, or maybe any amount, by uploading just a few videos. Second, PPD is a GREAT way to start your Internet Marketing journey, to make your first dollar and to get you excited for an online income. BUT, it will not last for a long time since it will always require hard work due to the high competition that is out there. So the advice here is to start off hard and bring in as much $$$ as you can, which you will later use for different online ventures and make a long term income.

What You Need To Start PPD ?

Well obviously you need to sign up with a network. I can’t really talk about a lot of networks since I’ve only been signed up to 3. The first one was the most “ popular “ one which is, but ever since I signed up with them they sucked. So I do not recommend them. Currently I am signed up with and I am pretty sure everyone is saying they’re the #1 network out there.

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Getting accepted is not hard at all. All you need to do is describe what method you will be using ( which will be uploading videos to youtube ) and a website to verify yourself ( I believe you can do this just by creating a simple blogspot website).

Now that you have a network you will need some youtube accounts. Obviously there are a lot of different methods out there other then Youtube + PPD but this one is the simplest, easiest and fastest one.

How Will You Acquire These Youtube Accounts You Ask ?

Well you have 2 options here. You can either buy them from ( ) or make them yourself. I prefer making them myself since it seems to be working out better that way.

How to Create Youtube PVA/NON-PVA Accounts:

If you have a dynamic ip that’s great ! If you don’t you might have to use proxies. What I do is I reconnect my router therefore changing my ip address then I install a new browser that I never used ( opera , firefox , chrome, safari , take you pick ) and make 2 youtube accounts since youtube will let you make 2 new accounts before asking for phone verification. Now after you made these 2 accounts Youtube will start asking you to phone verify any further made accounts. So instead of that you will just uninstall the browser, reconnect the router again to change your ip and after all of this is done just reinstall the browser again and make another 2 accounts! And so on and so on until you have the number of desired accounts.

If you don’t have a dynamic ip then the best option would be to buy them or try hiding behind a proxy ( you can google to find out how to do that )

So now we got a network and we got youtube account what’s next ?

Well, now we will be needing videos to upload to youtube. How do we get these videos ? Well the most popular niche for PPD is of course the gaming niche. Think of a popular game and type in Youtube *game name * hack , or Farmville hack or something along those lines. And you will see a bunch of videos popping up and they all have a download link in their description . Now you can either see what kind of videos are popular and make your own, oooor …. You could just download these videos using a free Youtube Downloader and we load them to your channel.

Examples of saturated Niche:

- Facebook Password Hack.
- Hotmail Password Hack.
- Yahoo Password Hack.

Examples of Hot Niche:

- Need For Speed Most Wanted
- Star Wars: The Old Republic
- Defiance
- Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
- Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland
- Need for Speed: Most Wanted
- Diablo 3

If you saw a cool Farmville hack video and decided to steal it. You would create a folder with either a fake hack made in C++ ( you can check some youtube tutorials on how to make them ) or just upload something random or even the video itself, after which you will .rar the file and upload it to the PPD network you signed up with. Now of course it would be better to have the actual hack or cheat that you are promoting but that’s not always possible.

That is basically it for the gaming niche. Of course you can think outside of the box and try something different that people want like a program you would have to pay for but you can offer it for free or some great information that people would fill out a survey to get.

Now that you have a network, youtube account and some uploaded videos you just have to wait for the downloads to role in right ? …. No… You have to promote these videos a bit and make them rank.

How to Promote PPD Videos?

Well everyone seems to be putting a lot of effort in ranking videos and wasting too much time on one video. So instead of putting one thousand keyword in the tags and description and blasting it with thousands of backlinks all I do I will put one keyword in the tags and the download link in the description. That’s it ! And surprisingly it work. Because it is targeted ! So if you have farmville hack and you put one thousand keyword in the tags are Youtube wound know what it actually is but when you put only THE keyword in the tags are as in “ farmville hack “ Youtube know exactly what it is and will show it in the search results.

After that you will also have to give it some fake views and likes to give it authority and make it look real. So what you need to do is sign up with ( best network in my opinion ) and start earning some credits with them which you will later use to add views to your videos. 1 credit is worth one view from them and in a full day of running their view exchange software you are able to earn up to 3 000 credits . That is 3 000 views for your videos, but you will be only putting 250 views for each video since that is enough to rank them and give them credibility. You can also throw in some fake likes if you want to give it even more credibility but I personally don’t. I just like my own video once after which I turn off that option. More importantly you should add a few fake comments ( using u2bviews comment feature ) to add credibility. Something like “ wow I can’t believe this worked “ or “ finally a working one “ that way new people coming to your videos will see the comments and think that real people wrote those comments and bam ! you got yourself a download.

That is the shortest way I can sum up PPD. Of course there are a lot of different methods and twists to it which you can easily figure out after see some other peoples videos. Always be on a look out on what other people are doing for their videos and you can either do the same or get a better idea from it! But remember, you have to upload a LOT of videos, I personally used to upload at least 3-5 videos every day.

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