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Brock Gallagher

Frank Macchia

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Anne Walker

Lucas Gray

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Music "There She Goes" by The Lone Wolf

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Most Prosperous Economy

VW factory - AndreasPraefcke (W)
Conveyor Belts - Leo Roubos (CC)
Freeways - squeaks2569 (CC)
Sears Tower - afagen (CC)
747 - abdallahh (CC)

News Pundits

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Mitt and Anne Romney
Anne Coulter
Bill O'reilly
Sarah Palin
Sean Hannity

Green Future

Barn (IStockphoto)
Silo - DMahalko (W)
Corn - Christian Fischer (W)
Crops - cwwycoff1 (CC)
Solar Panels - ricketyus (CC)
Space Needle - Alaskan dude (CC)
Empire State - Jiuguang Wang (CC)




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