Justice is surfed! Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul's alleged stalker 'loses bid to get permanent restraining order against star'

By Mike Larkin


Their legal battle took a bizarre twist when they obtained temporary restraining orders against each other.

But now Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul's alleged stalker Nicole Albrecht has lost her bid to make hers permanent.

It represents a legal victory for the 50-year-old actress, who had already been awarded her own indefinite order by a judge preventing the woman from going within 100 yards of herself or husband Ian Murray.

Turning the tides: A woman has obtained a restraining order against Baywatch star Alexander Paul

Legal victory: Alexandra Paul's alleged stalker lost a bid to take out a permanent restraining order against the star

The German woman fled from the court with her hood up and refused to answer questions on the case.

But speaking to TMZ after the hearing, Alexandra said: 'Ian and I have a three year 100 yard restraining order against Nicole Albrecht which we've had for the last three weeks and we were brought in here again because Miss Albrecht again wants to continue to be in our lives.

'Luckily the judge has just dismissed her case as frivolous, so hopefully we're done with this and she will stay away from us.

'We've never wanted to have any disharmony in our lives, so we're glad the court understood our point of view and realised we were in the right.'

Alexandra previously claimed Albrecht began stalking her back in 2011, showing up at her home and swimming pool where she would work out.

In court documents she said: 'This woman, Nicole, is from Germany and Baywatch is extremely popular there.'

Star turn: She impressed men around the world when she played saucy lifeguard Stephanie Holden

Star turn: She impressed men around the world when she played saucy lifeguard Stephanie Holden

The star, who played lifeguard Stephanie Holden from 1992 to 1997, said the woman showed up at her home with her family before leaving gifts and notes.

Alexandra even alleged the starstruck European followed her into a bathroom at a local swimming pool.

And she claimed things took an even more sinister turn when Albrecht grabbed her in a gym car park and appeared to chase her during a hike.

The actress reported her alleged stalker to the police in May before filing her request, and a judge granted a restraining order against Albrecht which means she has to remain at least 25 feet away from the star and her husband.

While Baywatch is still her best known role, she has kept busy over the years with a string of film and television appearances, and is also a competitive triathlete.

In the deep end: Nicole, seen here with her husband Ian Murray in Los Angeles, California, must stay 25 feet away from the woman despite the pair frequenting the same pool

Lifesaver: The woman must now keep her distance from Alexandra and her husband Ian for three years

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