Carnivor Jr.

ClassicDrogn asked for this car to be added here, so here it is!


Vicious S'eed & Temperance

That's it, for a long time, I hadn't done anything, so well, I really wanted to finish these 2 cars, first Vicious See'd which was already done for C1, and now for C2!!!! It was a present for you deadhart :D
Second, Temperance, originally done for Trackmania but was abandonned, nearly deleted to the trash... but well, C2 needs many cars, and Carmageddon MUST LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Electric Blue

Here's the electric blue from C1, remodelled for C2, enjoy!

Road Chaser SRT-666

Here's, too, my police car, based on the Viper SRT-10, it's fast, but really fast! Have fun with it, too!!

Killer Kitty Mk II

Here's my favourite one, Pussy LaGore's Killer Kitty!! Based sure on the Jaguar XJ220, the interior texture is, for sure, panther's skin ^^

Have fun


The Mecha Mk II

Here it is, the Mecha has recome! Totally made by hand, have fun with it :p

Thanks to all people who followed me in this project


Porker 3

Here's the so waited porker III!!


Prop Shafter GT

Here's a new one from my garage :D, the prop shafter GT, originally made for Trackmania and now converted for C2, it's based on the ford mustang GT, the whole car made by me ;)

Fearari F666 mk2

Here is the HQ version of Madam Scarlett's Fearari F666 for C2


Pink Pulverizer mk2

Here's the new remake! Pink Pulverizer! Have fun!

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