Kill-or-Cure-Album-Cover Kill or Cure
November 24, 2013

Genre: Melodic Groove Metal
Label: Tunecore
Country: UK
Year: 2014
Format: CD / Digital


By Tom Breedon

Exploding out of Manchester, Kill or Cure is coming at you with dominant intentions in the form of their self-titled debut album due for release in January 2014! These guys have been around since 2009 and are finally releasing their first full length feature, and boy has it been worth the wait! These guys blend a strong groove metal influence with monstrous searing riffs and gigantic melodic and layered vocals. Essentially, Kill or Cure have taken the best parts of 80′s hard rock and modern groove metal, put their foot to the floor, and driven full speed into each other to create a musical big bang that demands your attention.

What makes this album even more impressive than the gigantic songs offered is that it has been entirely self-produced by the band. Front man Chris Brooks proves to be skilled on both sides of the desk as he takes charge of mixing and mastering duties as well as drum programming and synth. It really surprises me that these drums are in fact programmed. Chris has done as good a job as can be done of capturing a real drummer-feel here. The fills are void of that artificial sound that can sometimes plague programming the drums. You can almost feel the thud of a big, sweaty drummer smashing down on his toms during Kill of Cure’s trademark massive choruses!

The album features a bludgeoning bottom end which in turn helps the lead guitar work to cut through by contrast whilst at all times keeping that core heaviness that is vital to Kill or Cure’s sound. This is a fantastic record to inspire bands who have members who are clearly talented behind the mixing desk to get involved in the producing and mixing process. Nobody can capture the feel you want better than yourself and Kill or Cure’s Chris Brookes demonstrates this ably here. Chris himself creates an all-around good show on his part with a melodic yet extremely powerful and gripping performance on the vocals, which are well layered in places to make those big choruses even more hard hitting.

(Just for the readers benefit: At this point in the review I stopped in the middle of writing and sat tapping my foot and nodding my head to the album. I don’t consider myself a man who is easily distracted, yet for a good 10 minutes the task at hand escaped my mind and I got sucked into simply experiencing these songs! That should give you an idea of the level of catchiness and power we’re dealing with here. When these songs come on, your instinct is to stop what you’re doing and take notice…anyway! On with the review…)

This memorable melodic groove metal record begins in no nonsense fashion as opening track “Season’s End” is brought into play with a huge riff. Instantly front man Chris’ ability to both write and execute a melodic vocal line over a relentless metal riff comes to the forefront. The driving force of the riffs, the searing leads, and the graceful yet uncompromising power of the vocals are all features that don’t even begin to waver throughout this album. The second track does catch the listener off guard a little, as Kill or Cure show their versatility with a somewhat unusual choice of cover for a metal band. The notion of a groove metal band covering catchy electro dance song “From Paris to Berlin” by Infernal may be bizarre to say the least. These guys actually make the song their own with a rise smile on their collective faces as they deliver this song with the pinch of salt it should be taken with, yet staying true to their massive sound and exceptional technical mastery of their instruments.

“Bullet to the Brain” ups the intensity on the riffs and the vocals suddenly take a dark and sinister turn as Brooks brings his demonic growling prowess into play. Pay particular attention to the nifty fretwork in this song. Axe man Dan Hepner really knows his way around the guitar, applying a beautiful contrast of ferocious riffs and melodic, intricate leads. The fantastic layers of frantic, driving riffs, pounding low end and anthem like vocals don’t let up in “The Point of No Return”, which leads us into my personal favorite track from an album full of standout songs, the song “Paradox”. This tune really is a game changer for me. Energetic riffing and an attention grabbing guitar harmony start us off, and the chorus is quite simply a must hear. A guaranteed fist pumper.

“For You” tugs more at the band’s melodic chord, while the pace quickens again with the bludgeoning chugging riffs of “Nothing”, which also branches off into a series of electrifying rhythmic runs reminiscent of Metallica’s “And Justice For All”. Great contrast between the bands melodic and darker, more aggressive feels is on display in “Rise”, and this exceptional album is crowned at the end by no nonsense riff fest “I’m Bleeding”. I’ve touched on every track on the album, and the reasoning behind this is it really is one of those albums you need to press “play” on and allow to run its course.

I’ve had the privilege to review some truly A grade music with The Metal Review, but Kill or Cure’s debut album has really got me excited. Musically, there are strong hints of bands such as Nevermore, Sacred Mother Tongue and Devildriver, while the powerhouse vocals are akin to those found in the likes of Iced Earth, Blind Guardian and Panic Cell. There’s a lot going on in every song, and these 3 tremendous musicians pull every inch of it off. What more can I say? A truly fantastic creation!

Kill or Cure’s self titled debut album is out on January 6th, 2014. You need it.

Kill or Cure is:

Chris Brookes – Vocals/Drum Programming
Dan Hepner – Guitars
Elena DeJesus – Bass/Violin

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