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Zach Braff Discusses Fletch Won

Along with Andrew Henry's Meadow and Fast Track


Zach Braff Discusses Fletch Won

Jacinda Barrett and Zach Braff in The Last Kiss.

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There are Similarities Between His Characters in The Last Kiss and Garden State: “Some people say that and I’m not sure I agree," said Braff. "I think the guy in Garden State was really, really, really lost and probably should be on some medication. I don't think he needed to be on all that he was on, but probably needed a little help and had a very F’ed up childhood. This is a guy who’s healthy and happy and has everything going for him and has his dream girl and loves his job and loves his friends, but he’s just terrified of this. Like he says, ‘The surprise is stopping.’ There’s something about your 20s and your teens that are all about this new thing every year. There’s a new milestone and new experiences. He’s just terrified that, ‘Wow, when I get married, do those surprises stop? Everything seems like now there’s a whole plan of what’s going to happen and I’m afraid of that.’”

The Scoop on Fletch Won: Braff says he’s definitely interested in starring in Fletch Won. “I am interested. There’s not a person more perfect to do Fletch than Bill [Lawrence]. He really is a huge [fan]. He grew up reading the books. It’s one of his favorite movies of all time. There was debate with other directors and with Harvey [Weinstein] about whether to go back to the books totally, which really don’t have any of that broad comedy stuff in them, or to do something in between which was find some of the humor in the broadness of some of the Chevy Chase stuff while at the same time being faithful to the way the books were. I think Bill is going to do a great job of that. In terms of my involvement, I don't know. I’m not signed on to do it yet, but it’s definitely something I’m intrigued with.”

How much of Kevin Smith’s script will remain? Braff says, “I don't know. I think Bill will probably start from scratch. That’d be my guess, knowing Bill.”

The Status of Andrew Henry’s Meadow: “Well, it’s a big movie. We describe it as if Terry Gilliam had directed The Goonies. We set out to do a giant, fun, highly-stylized ‘kids save the world’ movie. You don’t just write those overnight, especially when you’re talking about making a giant budget movie that the studio will really get behind.”

Braff says it’s a work in progress. “My brother’s written the screenplay and we have a great draft. It’s set up at Fox with John Davis producing. We’re looking for directors. We’re trying to find somebody that can helm this thing.”

Braff will be involved only as an executive producer and probably won’t be stepping in front of the camera. “There’s not really a part for me, a big part for me. I would do a fun little something but it’s really like a kids [movie]. Think of Goonies. It’s about that group of kids and some of the bad guys.”

A Baron Munchausen-Sized Production: Braff compares Andrew Henry’s Meadow to that Terry Gilliam film. Since Braff’s not ready to take on a directing job of that stature, what about showing it to Gilliam? “I would love to show it to Terry Gilliam. I’m sure he’s at the top of the list. We’re due to have a meeting as to what order we’re going to go to what directors, because we’re just now at the point where we’re ready to do that. He’s a hero of mine so he’d be amazing.”

Another Upcoming Project – Fast Track:Fast Track is a very funny, silly comedy. I think it’s like Office Space meets Meet the Parents. I go to work for my father-in-law Charles Grodin because it’s my turn to be the breadwinner since my wife is a high-paid lawyer who’s just had our baby - played by Amanda Peet. There at this new age ad agency in Ohio I meet my nemesis, played by Jason Bateman, who is in a wheelchair. He hates me and is in love with my wife and sets about trying to destroy my life to win my wife over. It is very funny, lots of physical comedy. If people liked Scrubs and liked Arrested Development, this is an hour and a half of me versus Jason. Keep an eye out for it though because I have a feeling the title might change, but that’ll be out first quarter next year.”

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