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Dashtaki Law Firm, LLC

The Dashtaki Law Firm is dedicated to representing employees in a wide variety of employment law matters, with particular emphasis on employment discrimination and enforcing employees’ rights to receive overtime pay and minimum wages. In addition to employment discrimination and wage and hour cases, Dashtaki Law Firm has in-depth experience in housing discrimination, public accommodation discrimination, whistleblower / qui tam actions, consumer rights, personal injury and criminal defense. With offices in both Jefferson City and St. Louis, Missouri, we stand ready to assist you. Our firm brings straightforward, honest legal advice and thorough preparation to every case we handle.

Strong, Powerful Voice to Stand Up for Your Rights

The lawyers at Dashtaki Law Firm are on your side and will help make sure you understand and protect your rights. In all of our practice areas, our focus is always on the needs of our clients and giving you a strong, powerful voice to stand up for your rights. We offer a free and confidential initial consultation to review your case. Contact the experienced attorneys at Dashtaki Law Firm today so we can begin our investigation.