Brand NEW Issue #40 In Stores May 1st!

That’s right folks, it’s hot off the presses and headed toward a store near you! The brand NEW issue of Weird NJ, #40 will be available throughout the state starting May 1st…and it happens to be the BEST ISSUE EVER! Weird NJ is carried by all major chain book stores and hundreds of independent outlets in New Jersey. Continue reading

20 Years Burning Down That Weird Road

Believe it or not, Weird NJ magazine turns 20 years old this year. We like to think what started out as a small fanzine sent to a few dozen of our friends has grown to include a larger population, but still retains what our idea of a fanzine was originally meant to be all about; people sharing life’s weird and unexpected experiences in the Great State of New Jersey. By definition, a fanzine is a nonofficial publication produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon for the pleasure of others who share their interest. We think that about sums up what Weird NJ is all about too. Continue reading