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Recipe 2

By baconheist on 9/11/2005 11:42

well, I hadn't planned on making this recipe for a while, but after failing to find savs I decided to put the project on hold till i had a bit more free time (attending fast food gala nights and signing autographs takes time you know...) anyways I was at a nearby shopping center buying some cheese and cabanossi when I spotted these!

wow! all the gormet meat places and specialist sausage stores ive tryed havent had them and in the end it's the humble woolworths that had them...
anyway, I decided that this deserved a new 'sav recipes' section. This time I decided to test 2 kinds of batter, regular batter and the famous aussie beer batter.
Step 1)
Prepare the beer batter
2 Eggs, separated
3/4 cup Beer, room temperature
2 Tbsp Vegetable oil
3/4 cup Flour
1 1/2 Tbsp Salt
AwesomeWolf said one last goodbye to his beer before we made it into batter...

mix all the ingredients exept the egg whites, then cover and put in the frige for at least 2 hours.

Step 2)
Then prepare the regular batter
150ml milk
cup SR flour
pinch salt
mix all these ingredients well
Step 3)
Just before using the beer batter whist the egg whites untill stiff and then fold into the batter
it would be good to point out that different flours absorb water (or beer) differently and we did have to mix a little more liquid or flour into the mix on the fly so we're not exactly sure what the measurements should be but get the batter to a suitable thickness so it can be applyed to the savs correctly...
something like this is good

since we had so many people (6) helping out this time there is less of a chronological order of events but ill try
Step 4)
The savs were 'sticked', and one was skinned just to see how it went...

Step 5)
The deepfryer was brought out again and loaded up with some oil
now with 200% more putrid smelling smoke!

Step 6>
We then proceded to batter the savs, first with beer batter
and it turned out fairly well, even though we hadn't adjusted it to perfection

the reaction was fairly good although we had batter adhesion issues...

Step 7)
Next we tryed the normal batter. This had been mixed better (thanks to Bruger...)

then threw it in the fryer

and she came out really nicely

Step 8)
divide and test...

everyone agreed - thatsa tasty sav!
Once we had used up all our savs, perfecting our technique, and even experimenting with submarine shaped savs

we still had batter left. then I saw a really good contender for a fryin'

so I battered that baby up and fried
AND WHOA! if you're ever looking for a tasty alternative to a sav I'd say this is a pretty good idea

there was some battering of other stuff done by the less 'sav-inclined' amongst us but they resorted to batterng fruit and vegetables =_=
kudos to my mum and dad for letting us damn near destroy their kitchen

and if anybody has a sausage caser they want to donate to the cause hit us up on the forum...


1/1/1970 10:00
Posted by BeeJay
man The Day i see Battered steak will be a great day for mankind
1/1/1970 10:00
Posted by mrsparky
If one is allowed to be serious on this wonderful and informative Savsite I will offer a couple of clues to improve the DIY Sav project. As a purveyor of the Aussie wonder food, the battered sav, for over 50 years I can contibute the following wisdom:

1. Never batter a wet sausage ... always ensure your sav is dry and at room temerature before battering.
2. Roll your dry sav in flour and shake off the excess before battering. This will ensure the batter sticks to the sav.
3. Use a batter recipe that has half as much corn flour as it does plain or self-raising flour(not self-rising ... that is a typical Yank shit corruption of the English language)The corn flour makes the batter "sticky".
4. Never mention the word "stick" in conjunction with a BATTERED SAV. Real battered savs don't need sticks to prop them up. BATTERED SAVS proudly stand alone. You are getting confused with Pluto Pups and Dagwood Dogs... cheap and sleazy (but delicious none the less) commercial "Carnival" immitations.
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