Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy Attorney

At Kelly / Warner we’ve written over a thousand Terms of Service and Privacy Policies (it’s sad, we know). Whether you’re a sole proprietor looking to promote your new toy drones on your Shopify site or a coder looking to create the next native app to compete with Vine, chances are we’ve worked with a similar client that faces similar issues. We’ll use our collective knowledge and experience to help ensure that you have a comprehensive set of Terms of Service for your website or app.Aside from drafting your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, we can assist you in understanding internet and privacy laws and will explain how these laws affect your business. Whether you’re worried about COPPA, TCPA, Can-Spam, CDA, or DCMA we’ll help you understand the laws and your responsibilities.

Why Terms of Service are Important for Your Business

Terms of Service are the rules that govern a user’s use of your website. Like playing a football game with no rules, having a website with no Terms of Service leaves you at risk of being blindsided. Terms of Service help create a framework of rules that your users have to abide by. Using Terms of Service, you can:

• Limit your liability exposure
• Maintain control of your website
• Address problems before they become potential lawsuits
• Implement user rules and guidelines
• Choose how to settle disputes
• Set your pricing, payment, and refund policies
• Control your intellectual property

You never want to be looking over your shoulder waiting for the next lawsuit to happen, by having Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy in place you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

Lawsuit for Privacy Policy Violation

What We Offer

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that we draft for you are totally customized to your needs. You can be totally hands on or totally hands off during the drafting process, it’s your choice. Below is a short overview of what we can offer you:

• Customized Terms of Service – written specifically for your website or app taking into account the       uniqueness of your website and business.

• Customized Privacy Policies – written specifically for your website or app detailing your user collection       and data storage policies.

• Supporting Documents including Disclaimers, Takedown Notices, and End User License       Agreements – we can assist you in creating other documents or legal agreements that complement       your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

• Document Readability – all of our documents are written in plain English so that you and your users       both understand each other’s responsibilities.

• Streamlined Editing and Drafting Process – we use the latest technology to assist you and us in       drafting documents saving you time and money.

• Understanding of Internet and Privacy Laws – our experience with Internet and Privacy laws will help       protect your online business.

• FTC Compliance Reviews – we can review your website or app to ensure that you won’t end up on the       FTC’s bad side.

• Competitive Rates – we offer competitive rates to ensure that you don’t break the bank.

• Quick Turnaround Time – leveraging our technology and know how we’ll have your documents turned       around quickly.

• Great Communication and Customer Service – we treat all our new and potential clients as long term       clients to ensure that each client has a great experience using Kelly / Warner Law.

Let us worry about drafting documents for you, so you can focus on improving your product or website.