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An online video app that is not just easy. It's fun!

Wideo is the perfect online video tool, that allows you to easily make animation videos for your product demo, presentations, teaching lessons, or just to have some fun.

It has never been so intuitive to create an online video. With Wideo anyone can make cool videos.

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How does Wideo work?

  • create

    Click "create" on your profile page and start creating your Wideo.

  • play / animate

    Insert objects, type, backgrounds, sounds and animate them in a few clicks.

  • publish & share

    Make your Wideos visible by publishing and sharing them in the Social Networks.

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Cool features


    Personalize your Wideo by using your own images, logos, pictures and sounds (music or voiceover)


    Publish or unpublish your wideos to make them public or private


    Once you've saved a wideo it will appear in your profile page so you can continue editing it later


    For just a small fee you can download your Wideo, without branding, straight to your computer in MPG format. See pricing

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And because it's easy to use and saves your time,
our users love us

Richard Kelly@MrRichardKelly

" it's so easy to use your tools, it makes the whole experience much comfier. Plus you actually reply to the emails which is a massive advantage" "

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