TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Natalie gets animated in ‘Rio 2’

The team talks about Natalie’s cameo in the upcoming animated film “Rio 2,” where she plays (what else?) a news anchor, and Al and Natalie start a campaign to get Willie into an animated movie.

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>>> welcome back. i'm al roker with natalie morales .

>> cold, though.

>> it's a little chilly.

>> do you know what would warm you up?

>> going to rio.

>> yeah, in april.

>> but it's going to be huge.

>> not just because of the super stars , not just because jamie foxx and the others.

>> anne hathaway .

>> this one is in it. natalie morales making her animated debut. check this out.

>> it's a good thing since i'm the only other one.

>> important discovery.

>> we have encountered a wild blue ma kaw deep in the amazon jungle .

>> there maybe a whole flock out there.

>> we have to go find them.

>> we? what you talking about we? you speak french.

>> that wasn't you.

>> i am the newscaster. you saw me briefly. i play myself, the newscaster.

>> there you are. you nailed it.

>> i have never seen you wear pearls.

>> i wear pearls occasionally.

>> i don't think your forehead is that high.

>> and i don't think you're black.

>> well, i think she is in between.

>> okay.

>> so that comes out in april. rio 2. al, of course among many others.

>> cloudy with a chance of meatballs .

>> yes.

>> it looks like a food storm involving an unusual pattern and it's now spreading to the rest of the globe. what the what?

>> you look like matt there.

>> i look like matt. that's right. they actually wanted matt and he couldn't show so i did the voice.

>> did the animation.

>> your turn.

>> we want to campaign for willie .

>> see i was told by our producer that you never wanted to do an animated cartoon .

>> that's not true even in the least.

>> why?

>> i was was the news man in the campaign with will ferrell .

>> you told me?

>> that was not an animated movie .

>> you told me.

>> you were in the campaign.

>> i was in the campaign with will ferrell . matt, are you just making stuff up now?

>> i'm just trying to stir things, you know.

>> never wanted to be in an animated movie .

>> why wouldn't i have?

>> i'm going to get you.

>> let's settle this. if you want to get willie animated as we all do, #orange room get willie animated hashtag.

>> i can't believe a word you're telling me anymore in the briefing.

>> he made that up.

>> stir the pot.

>> we're going to stir your pot.

>> how about a check of