from Nov. 28th to Nov. 30th 2013


Official Selection 2013

Click here to look up the nominees for this year's short film- and mobile phone film comptetition. Congratulations!

"Showtime!" – the FRONTALE Film Festival takes place in Wiener Neustadt for a third time. The motivation is higher than ever because last year the festival attracted almost twice as many film freaks as the year before and we'd very much want to continue this trend. With the “SUB” in Wiener Neustadt, where the festival will take place once again, we have found an extended living room for all friends of solid movies and chilled out aftershow-parties. Even last year's most acclaimed guest Karl Markovic expressed his blessing. We're proud to say, the FRONTALE Film Festival can be considered a full scale success.

Good reasons not to quit working and to drape the city in the festival-colour green again. Our main focus lies on the short films but we also shall not forget the mobile phone films – our special category. To give us the pleasure to watch tons of footage and create an extensive film program, you are now asked to submit your movies – here and now!

As usual, the FRONTALE Film Festival should not only be a place of film consumption but also a platform for discussions and discourse. With you, the filmmakers and the audience, we want to speak about the shown films.
We came to stay! The FRONTALE Film Festival will continue to grow and become an integral part of Wiener Neustadts cultural landscape. We’re looking forward to your submissions.

Enjoy filming! We’ll see each other at the 3. International FRONTALE Film Festival.

Prize Money:
€ 1000,-  for best short film
€ 500,-  for best mobile phone film

Jan Hestmann
Jan Hestmann
Team FRONTALE 2013