Life's been busy... (2008-09-20)

So a few people have asked me if I've fallen off the face of the earth, seeing as how I haven't got around to updating this page in about a year and a half (aka 3 whole Fedora releases)... Nope, still here. I'm just quite busy with work (still at Red Hat) and family (kids keep growing, had a little combined party today for my son's 6th birthday and daughter's 3rd birthday). I'm largely not doing any sort of work directly on MythTV these days, though I *am* now maintaining MythTV packages in Livna and the forthcoming RPM Fusion repository. Most of my spare hacking time outside of work is being spent on the Linux Infrared Remote Control drivers, and getting them into shape such that they can be merged into the upstream Linux kernel. They've grown in the wild (aka outside the kernel tree) for over a decade, so its been no small task. Big thanks to Janne Grunau, another MythTV and DVB/V4L developer, who has been doing a ton of work on them as well. (Work-in-progress lirc git tree here).

Should also mention that we, the MythDora devs (me, Ryan Pisani and Dennis Hand), put out a Fedora 8-based MythDora 5.0 a few months ago, and the next release is coming along quite nicely, though its been largely Ryan's handiwork. I think we're gunning for releasing it right around the same time as Fedora 10, using Fedora 10 as its base...


Ugh, I meant to post this up here weeks and weeks ago... I helped write a book about MythTV earlier this year (part of it while moving from coast to coast), titled Hacking MythTV, and its been on bookshelves for a while now. Go out and grab yourself a copy if you're so inclined! A lot of the book is based on the contents of these pages, but there are some more in-depth parts, as well as some entirely new or rewritten material. I've actually been meaning to update the tips page with some of the advanced hacking stuff I wrote for the book, but for now, I guess you'll have to get a copy of the book for those nuggets of knowledge... :)

Update (2007-01-03): Actually, bits and pieces of the book can be found on the ExtremeTech web site. Just ran across the performance tweaking chapter I wrote a few minutes ago...


Running MythTV on Fedora

Compiled by Jarod C. Wilson <>
Made possible by information gathered from all over the Internet (Google is your friend)...
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    $Date: 2008-09-20 17:07:39 -0400 (Sat, 20 Sep 2008) $

1. Introduction

MythTV is an open-source project, with its primary functionality being similar to that of a TiVo on steroids, with far more features, much greater flexibility and the ability to handle an extremely wide variety of content. The project's founder and leader is Isaac Richards. The official documentation can all be found on MythTV's official web site, at The project is supported by the contributed time and effort of the open-source community, with the primary lines of technical support being the documentation on the project web site, and the project's mailing lists. It is highly recommended that if you are intending to install MythTV, join at least the mythtv-users mailing list, which you can subscribe to here:, and read through the official docs.

While the official documentation attempts to be as distribution-agnostic as possible, this document is (was) geared specifically toward building a MythTV system on the Fedora Linux distributions put out by Red Hat, with all components installed from binary packages using automatic dependency resoltion tools (i.e., you won't need to compile anything or manually deal with any twisted dependency issues). Quite a few people following this particular body of documentation have successfully created their own MythTV systems, and many of them frequent the MythTV Users mailing list. Someone on the list can generally help you if you have a problem. I also frequent the mailing lists, and will help out in any way I can, though my spare time is in very short supply these days. However, please search the mailing list archive, found here:, before you mail the list, because there is a good chance you'll find your answer there. If you are unable to find the answer there, then read this document:, after which you may address your question to the mailing list. ;-)

Due to my lack of time and energy to update this document, its not been updated since sometime after Fedora Core 6 was released. As I write this, Fedora 10 is due out shortly (the "Core" part was dropped with the release of Fedora 7). While things quite honestly haven't changed very much with respect to getting MythTV up and running on Fedora, there are definitely minor changes here and there. The MythTV project's wiki has an adaptation of my original document, which the community has been maintaining, so rather than reading over my old FC6 gunk, let me point you here:

I do know for a fact MythTV works just fine on all later releases of Fedora than FC6, since I've actually run on every one of them (my own master backend as I write this is Fedora 9 and my primary frontend is currently running the Fedora 10 beta). The above wiki link is where you really ought to look for the most up-to-date info, and while older versions of my document for older Fedora releases are NOT maintained in any way, they are still available for historical purposes. Just use the MythTV wiki version, unless you have some very compelling reason to do otherwise. The old versions can be found here:

Fedora Core 6 version
Fedora Core 5 version
Fedora Core 4 version
Fedora Core 3 version
Fedora Core 2 version
Fedora Core 1 version

I do try to answer any questions emailed to me, but I'm not very good at timely replies these days, so if you have any questions, you're probably far better off asking the mythtv-users mailing list or in the #mythtv-users irc channel on Just the same, email me if ya gotta. :)

Good luck!
Jarod Wilson