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It’s never fun to admit you’ve been lied to and duped. There is no comfort in realizing a high-level group in government has conned you. The wound created from such a realization would be deep and painful when paired with extraordinary insult when you realize the cons are people you not only trusted, but people who are tasked with protecting your rights, your liberty, your life.

When these people betray you, you’re in trouble – big trouble. Unfortunately, we believe America is being betrayed by powerful individuals tasked with our protection. These people are found in the White House, the Congress, the CIA and other government entities – and they’re lying to you. Then they’re covering it up on an epic scale, in a never-before-seen manner.

Here are the basics of what the schemers in government and the complicit media would like for us all to focus on and buy into:

  • Why wasn’t there better security at the consulate (keep this misleading word in mind) in Benghazi?
  • Why didn’t authorization come to move special forces in for protection and rescue?
  • Why was an obscure video blamed when everyone knew the video had nothing to do with it?
  • Did Obama’s administration cover-up the true nature of the attacks to win an election?

Truth is, as we’re starting to believe, the above questions are convenient, tactical distractions. And truth is, answers to these questions, if they ever come, will never lead to revelations of the REAL TRUTH and meaningful punishment of anyone found responsible.

Rep. Darrell Issa knows this, members of the House Committee investigating the Benghazi attacks know this, the White House knows this, and much of the big corporate media infrastructure knows it, too. How do they know it? Because they know the truth. They know the truth, but cannot and/or will not discuss it in public.

Here are the basics that we (America, in general) should be focusing on, but aren’t:

  • Why do media outlets continue to refer to the “Special Mission Benghazi Compound” as a consulate? 
  • Where are the so-called “terrorist” attackers/murderers? Have we stopped looking for them?
  • Who and where are the rest of the survivors and those evacuated after the attack?
  • Why did the attackers know they should target the Special Mission Benghazi Compound, and what was their true intention – what did they really want?
  • Why is there now so little discussion of the role the CIA played in the facilities that were attacked?
  • Why were 23 of the 30 American officials evacuated from Benghazi active within the CIA? Only 7 of the 30 worked for the State Department? Yet the media continue to characterize the Benghazi facility as a State Department installation?
  • Was the CIA Annex a facility used in a secret gun-running operation, and was Ambassador Chris Stevens involved?
  • Was the CIA Annex used to facilitate the flow of arms to (Muslim Brotherhood) insurgents fighting in Syria and possibly beyond?
  • Why are there two versions of the ARB (Accountability Review Board) Report? One is unclassified for public view, the other is highly classified, and while Congress can view it, they are legally forbidden to discuss it in public hearings or in news interviews.

We obviously don’t have answers to all of these questions, but we will provide you with an overview, some context and our reasoning for each of them.


According to public documents the State Department made available to Congress, Ambassador Stevens arrived in Benghazi on September 10th, 2012. The first order of business for Stevens was an urgent meeting at the CIA annex (We’ll discuss possibilities for this meeting later). Stevens was then escorted to the Special Mission Benghazi Compound, which had a villa that would be utilized for Stevens and his staff during their stay. The Special Mission Benghazi Compound did house a handful of State Department officials, but was also host to CIA operatives and officials. The Special Mission Benghazi Compound was not an actual embassy or consulate office and was not actually used as such.

The constant reference to the Special Mission Benghazi Compound as a “consulate” leads the casual news reader to believe the Ambassador may have worked out of this office as a facility made available for traditional, more public type of diplomatic operations. This was likely not the case in Benghazi. Stevens was not “stationed” at this facility. If you believe this to be an actual embassy type consulate office, you can also easily accept that the attack on September 11th was an attack meant simply for the purpose of projecting terror.

If you accept the premise this is an act of terror on the anniversary of 9/11, you’ll likely also accept the premise this is not the fault of the U.S. government. Questions will become fewer, those responsible will quietly slip away.


This question has no answers. Only a maze of peculiar dead ends. As a reminder, a United States Ambassador was brutally murdered. Where are the calls for those who killed him? Where are the hearings demanding that intelligence agencies give us an idea of where the investigation stands? Have we walked away from an aggressive pursuit of the killers? Have we concluded it was an “angry mob” who committed an act of terror and thus closed the books?


Here we are eight months down the road from the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi. We still have yet to discover the true identities of the many people evacuated. We keep saying they should be called up for hearings and questioned, yet they all seem to have vanished. Perhaps – and this is just something to consider, the government is not hiding them so they won’t speak… these people do not wish to speak because they know full well what was happening and what the consequences of disclosure could be. In fact, it’s very likely they were an integral part of what was being orchestrated from the Benghazi facilities, whatever that might be.

The calls for these individuals to be brought forward assume we accept the premise of an active, traditional consulate. In that, we think of it as an office where interns and passport staff may be working. Of course, interns and standard office staff would indeed be of great value in gathering intelligence to figure out what happened. But the Benghazi facilities were staffed by a few State Department personnel and many CIA operatives – not interns and standard consulate administration staffers.

These individuals didn’t want to go public with classified information before the attack, so why would they after the attack?

With regards to the whistleblowers who just testified to Congress, these guys were, for the most part, involved in security and/or related assignments. We see no reason to think the whistleblowers would have detailed knowledge of the CIA operations we believe were underway in Benghazi. Perhaps they were aware of CIA presence in Benghazi, but there is no doubt a strong CIA presence all over the Middle East.


A Wall Street Journal article published before the classified government report/gag order was issued (one of only a few such articles in existence about the facilities) claims the Special Mission Benghazi Compound was set up for no purpose other than to function as a diplomatic front for the CIA. It’s possible the Special Mission Benghazi Compound was not only a front, but was actually a CIA facility operating under the cover of a State Department facility. This is not certain, however, but we do believe the information and activities at this facility were far less sensitive than that of the CIA annex. We believe this to be the case based on the actions taken by the CIA in the days following the attack on the compound.

The CIA immediately jumped into action, scrubbing the annex facility of any trace of CIA operations. All documents, files, traces of a clandestine presence in general, were completely removed and/or destroyed. Yet, the Special Mission Benghazi Compound was left unguarded and wide open for “looters”. And remember how long it took (weeks) for FBI investigators to be allowed in? Investigators who stayed a surprisingly short time and apparently came away with little or nothing?

There are other questions surrounding what then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew. You may recall that in the days following the attack, Hillary Clinton was oddly silent. Clinton was essentially hidden from the media, from Congress and/or anyone else with questions about the State Department’s role (or knowledge) in/of the attacks. The WSJ said “at 5:41 PM Eastern time, Mrs. Clinton called Mr. Petraeus. She wanted to make sure the two agencies were on the same page.” It’s entirely possible the State Department was fuzzy on what had actually happened and why. This lends even more credibility to the idea the Special Mission Benghazi Compound was simply a front for the broader CIA operations.

We do not assert the attackers went after the wrong facility, but certainly propose it be considered a possibility. Or, at the very least, might have assumed the facility had more significance. (It’s also possible they were searching for Stevens himself.)

Which brings us to the dirtiest of all possibilities. What we’re about to discuss could certainly be all coincidence, but the algorithm required for it to all be coincidence seems outside the realm of reality. Let’s get back to the arrival of Stevens in Benghazi.


We mentioned Stevens arrived in Benghazi, Libya on September 10th, 2012, one day before the attack. Stevens immediately attended a classified meeting at the CIA annex before checking in at the Special Mission Benghazi Compound, where he would be staying while in Benghazi. According to the documents obtained by Congress, Stevens later met with an official from an outfit called Al Marfa Shipping and Maritime Services as well as an individual from the Arabian Gulf Oil Co. The final meeting of the evening took place with Ali Sait Akin, Turkey’s Consulate General to Benghazi.

Please keep this sequence of meetings at the front of your mind: CIA, Al Marfa Shipping and Maritime, Arabian Gulf Oil and Turkey.

The visit by Stevens came just 8 days after General David Petraeus, who was then head of the CIA, made a surprise visit to Ankara on September 2nd, 2012. The time of the General’s arrival in Ankara jives with the timeline mentioned in an article published by the Times of London. The article, published on September 14th, 2012, discusses the arrival of a certain ship at the Turkish Port of Iskenderun. Fox News had more (But, strangely, Fox News dropped the investigation and no longer mentions the discovery).

Through shipping records, Fox News has confirmed that the Libyan-flagged vessel Al Entisar, which means “The Victory,” was received in the Turkish port of Iskenderun — 35 miles from the Syrian border — on Sept. 6, just five days before Ambassador Chris Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith and former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed during an extended assault by more than 100 Islamist militants.

The ship, which was coming from Libya, had curious cargo on board. From the same Fox News story.

According to an initial Sept. 14 report by the Times of London, Al Entisar was carrying 400 tons of cargo. Some of it was humanitarian, but also reportedly weapons, described by the report as the largest consignment of weapons headed for Syria’s rebels on the frontlines. 

“This is the Libyan ship … which is basically carrying weapons that are found in Libya,” said Walid Phares, a Fox News Middle East and terrorism analyst. “So the ship came all the way up to Iskenderun in Turkey. Now from the information that is available, there was aid material, but there were also weapons, a lot of weapons.” 

The cargo reportedly included surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, RPG’s and Russian-designed shoulder-launched missiles known as MANPADS. 

The following part is extremely important and is what may connect the Petraeus visit to that of Stevens.

The ship’s Libyan captain told the Times of London that “I can only talk about the medicine and humanitarian aid” for the Syrian rebels. It was reported there was a fight about the weapons and who got what “between the free Syrian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

This wasn’t just any fight. The Times of London said “the scale of the shipment and how it should be disbursed, has sparked a row between the FSA and the Muslim Brotherhood, who took control of the shipment when it arrived in Turkey.” Reports suggest a large portion of the shipment was indeed smuggled across the Syrian border, but much of the weapons were caught up in infighting amongst the Syrian insurgents. The Muslim Brotherhood had significant ties with Turkey and, from what we see in reports, were able to secure the ship and its cargo.


So we’ve established a solid timeline here.

  • SEPT 2, 2012 – General Petraeus, head of CIA, arrives in Turkey on September 2nd and meets with Turkey’s President and top Turkish government officials.
  • SEPT 6, 2012 – On September 6th, a ship carrying 400 tons of cargo (much of it being arms), arrives from Libya. The ship is secured by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, due to connections with Turkish government. Other Syrian insurgent groups are furious and want control of the weapons.
  • SEPT 10, 2012 – Ambassador Stevens arrives in Benghazi, has meetings with CIA, the shipping company and a government official from Turkey.

From what we can tell, the attacks on the compound where Stevens was located began around an hour after the meeting with a Turkish official ended. On September 11th, 2012, Stevens was killed (very early morning hours).


The unclassified version of the ARB report provides some fascinating and under-reported details about Christopher Stevens. The September situation was in no way his first experience with Benghazi. In fact, Stevens had a presence at the CIA annex before the Special Mission Benghazi Compound was created. Stevens was at the CIA annex in the summer of 2011, shortly before the CIA created the Special Mission Benghazi Compound, the facility that eventually became the diplomatic front for the CIA’s operations in Benghazi. Stevens was not, at the time, Ambassador to Libya. At the time Stevens was the Special Representative to the Libyan Rebel-Alliance.

According to the New York Times, Stevens had even dealt with applications coming from U.S. weapons dealers requesting licenses to sell arms to Libyan insurgents.

There is a history of Stevens’ involvement in weapons used by Libyan fighters. There is also history of Stevens’ involvement in CIA operations. There appears to be massive movement of Libya-based arms, through Turkish territory, into the hands of Muslim Brotherhood fighters opposing the Assad government in Syria. There was controversy over a shipment of arms involving the Muslim Brotherhood and other Syrian insurgent groups, and an hour after a day of meetings ended, the compound in Libya came under attack.

Meanwhile, virtually all of the narratives circulating here in America surround the failed response to the attacks, the lack of security and the fact it was all blamed on a YouTube video.


The most likely answer here is that members of Congress know the answers and they understand how extremely risky their disclosure would be. That said, because of the level of classification involved, Congress cannot legally answer the questions, or even ask the questions of someone who may know the answers. Especially in a public hearing or in a media interview.

This would explain why current Congressional hearings focus on the response, or lack thereof, not the true reason the attacks happened in the first place.


We don’t like having to say this, but we’re all very likely being lied to, repeatedly and recklessly. Very little, if anything, we’re being told about why Benghazi happened is true or relevant. Are we alleging the above is 100 percent accurate? Not at all. We do believe it all plays a part, either directly or indirectly, in the attack, in the murders that took place in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012, and in the deceitful cover-up orchestrated by the government and thrust on the American people. Yet, not a single person who is elected to protect our lives and our rights is, so far, willing to say it.

Not one.

This story does not provide all the answers, but hopefully it provokes the correct kind of questions.

We ALL need to be asking them.

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  • Leatha Goldsmith


  • 1nv2

    DUH!!! Ya think? Hang all involved including the sleaze in the People’s House.

    • Eddymoowad

      A militery type firing squad might get the Medias’s attention quicker.

  • Don Kenner

    I still think Mr. Stevens was supposed to be kidnapped so that BHO could look like a hero by trading for him in October just before the election. That was the reason for the “stand down” orders that were given.Then the two Navy seals screwed up the plan when they refused to stand down.

    • Art Wilmeth

      As said before kidnapped then traded for the blind sheik……..Obama is the hero to Muslim brotherhood and America for saving Stevens ala October surprise.

    • sparkplug

      What, what ? You sound like a former “insider.”
      Obviously, Stevens did not settle the dispute between the moslem brotherhood and the operatives, as to who got how many of the Russian Manpads and other valuable devices.
      Also, the complicit role of Turkey should receive increasing attention by the Western World, instead of only by the Russian leadership. Russia is not the only world power that has gotten tired of watching the USGov take down the properly elected governments of 3rd world nations, since 1955. Mr. John Stockwell, former CIA station chief, discusses this topic in his various videos.

  • Dawb

    Yes, Don I agree. Admrial Lyons Agreed on Lou Dobbs that Stevens was to be kidnapped and traded for the blind sheik.

    • LARRY


      • Janet Mann

        You’re kidding, right? The MSM is so far up Obama’s behind, they refuse to even acknowledge anything negative about him. You can forget about getting all news channels on the same page. Fox is the only one that will air it.

        • Randy Mack

          ” Yea, But They ALSO, Are Just Lesser Of The EVILS”

      • Mark Owen

        You will not get the Obama worshipping media to bring anything out in the open, for whatever reason this administration seems to have control of all info going out. It’s almost like PRAVDA of the USSR from years ago. Only the news we think you should have and nothing more!

      • Sharon Schraufnagel

        Watch Fox News!! If enough people don’t watch these other news channels they will have to either report the “truth” or they will have no viewers.
        Besides, Fox is the only channel that reports truth.

        • peterpanpiper

          maybe but David Jon Sponhiem speaks only the facts he is running for President 2016 and no he is not a politician he is actually a reg American

  • Bruce Kolinski

    Thank you for talking about this. Maybe there is still hope for truth in American media?

  • Not Complying

    You can take the red pill, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The government thinks we are stupid. They don’t know us too well, do they?

  • Eddymoowad

    I think the Gen. Petraeus story was a way to make him quiet about the Benguizi cover up.

    • Debra Ward

      there was something floating around today on the web where Petraeus said they made him lie about cheating on his wife to avoid the Benghazi scandal…

      • Eddymoowad

        I don’t doubt that for a second, knowing the Obama Media and his cronnies in DC.

    • Janet Mann

      I agree……..think he was blackmailed

    • sparkplug

      Yes, that was the cleaner method. Having a spontaneous, fatal heart attack would look too suspicious due to Petraeus´s good health. Also, Petraeus could hold more value for the alias and other minions, thus a fatal car accident would end possible future “use” of puppet Petraeus.

  • joe

    Seems to me that Stevens was sent there on purpose to get him out of the way, I think that they knew the attack was going to happen and he was sent there to die.

  • rtlinc

    God Bless America- all of us (old enough to remember) have to be thankful that Petraeus/Mike Mullen and there ilk weren’t involved in WW11 or we would have been in deep s–t / Mullen has always been a liberal traitor/Petraeus also – our military, with leaders like this – God help america- unfortunately these same type traitors are still in charge.————–

  • Debra Ward

    they said it took 18 days until they let the investigators in to look around…18DAYS…???

  • Robbie Wells


    • Eddymoowad

      I also read this one and I agree one thousand percent.

      • GeoRip

        The shitstorm on Capitol Hill is bipartisan… If we don’t get beyond all this partisan angst we’ll never rebuild this country. Talk values don’t talk like one party is any better than the other. That will get us nowhere.

  • Maggie Thomas

    I have a problem with the statement that Stevens arrived 9/10/12. He had phone calls and requests for security days before when the wall itself was breached. That does not add up. Even witnesses in the hearings made mention of earlier arrival time. Where do you get your facts or is this an opinion of what may have happened?

    • ericjodom

      It’s widely reported and included in the ARB report. Google the ARB report and see for yourself.

  • Spyder Dalton

    You mean after a guy that wasn’t born here became President because of massive voter fraud? Or the fact that he is responsible for over 300 deaths gun running with Fast & Furious and used executive privilege to hide his criminal activities? Which one????? Oh you are talking about Benghazi? It’s hard to keep track when someone is never held accountable for crimes…

  • Darrell G. Walton

    The bottom line is the Muslim in the White House treasonally used the USA as a personal tool or weapon in his plot to fight in a Muslim conflict aiding and abetting a known enemy. Sounds like he’s always arming and financially supporting enemies that with our own resources that would willingly attack us.

    If Issa and the rest of Congress lets this one go playing their head games of now, every state they represent should take them out of Washington and impeach them for treason.

  • Art Sears

    I believe if you look deep enough you will find this was a trade for the US killing of Osama. We were given Osama so Obama could look good and we gave the ambassador to the muslim brotherhood to help them continue the rise to power.

    • ericjodom

      That doesn’t make any sense. Especially if Stevens was indeed involved in moving arms to Muslim Brotherhood and other rebel fighters in Syria. Stevens was also involved in the movement of arms into Libya when that “conflict” was underway. Sorry, just not seeing the value of what you’re suggesting. Also, remember that Stevens wasn’t killed in a manner that they knew was happening. He was hidden in a safe room and the smoke from the fires they set got to him. I’m not certain the knew for sure he was even in the building.

      • Larry Dalzell

        Regardless, the Rag Heads had no problem ‘sodomizing’ him. I do feel this whole thing was a ploy by this questionable administration to make the ‘idiot-in-chief’ look good but it backfired. A lotta good comment on this subject.

        • GeoRip

          Or it was a ploy to make him look bad before the election but he was able to defer the problem until now. Even then nobody in power wants to answer the serious questions of why we were in there to begin with. General Wesley Clark gave the answer in part. He indicated that this is just one of 7 countries the Pentagon wanted to overturn and they are well on their way with only Syria and Iran left. They wanted Libya for its strategic location on the Mediterranean atop the African continent and for its wealth in gold and the abundance of its water. Libya was a rich nation. Listen to General Clark

  • vietnamvet1971

    This Benghazigate question & answer session is a Joke on the American people it is all a Charade designed to look official and make people feel good for a week or two then coverage will slow and go away and all the “Elitist Career Politicians” will ride off into the sunset as Hero’s for putting on such a wonderful Show. I feel sorry for my country, I ask GOD to have Mercy because believe me if he does not then we are in Trouble.


      The elites of Washington need to be the DELEATES of WASHINGONE they have no respect for the people they serve or the Military that protects us. What would the poser in the Whitehouse done had it been one of his family that died?????

    • Eddymoowad

      apparently you don’t have an Obama phone. The ones thst do, are 100 percent for him as long as he gives them all the free goodies.

  • teachliberalsrealityvsemotions

    Very cogent article.

  • jesustheonlyway

    Whatever was going on this administration absolutely wants to cover it up and I fear the lack of concern from the Obama Zombies might just let the evil dictator get away with it. Most corrupt administration EVER!

    • Eddymoowad

      And as a ww2 vet I agree 100 percent Remember Hitler? Obama is going almost straight down his path. I am a ww2 vet and I do renmember Hitler. I was assigned a position to fighjt him and his cronies.

      • jesustheonlyway

        Thank you for your service. I guess we were fooled when we thought Hitler would go down in history as the worst monster ever. Obama may not have the gas chambers and ovens but he is a prince of liars and his lies have killed innocent people.

        • GeoRip

          I don’t disagree that Obama is a real letdown as president, but where were all you folks when Bush was misleading the nation so deliberately? We’ve got a real problem here and it is non partisan. We also have a real opportunity to let go of our knee jerk jingoism and rediscover fundamental and shared American values. Let’s not keep driving partisan wedges between Americans. Let’s rebuild and reunite the country from the grassroots up based on honest visions of positive futures not only for Americans but for the people of the world.

          • jesustheonlyway

            I can only speak for myself and I most certainly did not agree with everything Bush did and still don’t. Iraq for one – should ‘never’ have gone there and we should not still be in Afghanistan. Those people hate us – probably more now than ever – it’s hard to tell about those folks. The ‘real’ problem with everyone is America’s abandonment of God. We’ve brought out the big eraser that decided long ago we don’t need the leadership of God any longer and began to erase Him from our lives. That is where my heart and concern is. The world doesn’t ever recognize who and what Obama is and when told they laugh and deny. Obama is pure evil – the precursor to the anti-Christ – but most in this country will not accept it. It matters not what ‘other’ rebuilding we do because it will be done without God and that is like building our house upon the sand – it will not stand.

  • Mark Owen

    The blood of four brave Americans, and the stink of treason is on the hands of this administration. The truth will never be known, kept secret in the name of national security. What bullshit! Obama and his cronies are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, hell send them some more of our jets, arms and money, Obama will just kneel to the East and thank Allah, he sure as hell won’t thank us. He’ll just sink us further with his Marxist agendas and the Dems. will follow hm blindly into hell!

    • Bonnie Long

      How is Christopher Stevens a hero? Wasn’t he facilitating the shipment of arms to God-knows-how-many-terrorists?

      • Mark Owen

        If you can read I never called him a hero, he was just following orders. From higher ups, just who were they, and who has the right to sacrifice the lives of
        the men at the “consulate”, and then blame it on a spontaneous riot or a you tube video. I just hope that congress can find the cajones to bring this all to light instead of sweeping it under the rug!

        • Eddymoowad

          I am 100 percent NON partisan and I say They will or have blamed the Republican Party, since it is a second political Party in the USA.

  • Roger Aubert

    I wonder how long it will take Dem. Feinstein to step down now. She has tried her best to make America weaponless. The democrats have tried their best to disarm America… I know they have a plan and us not having weapons is part of their plan. AMERICA wake up. It is time and the time is now to clean house of all term life politicians. It is time for term limits to keep things like this from happening. It is time for AMERICA to take back AMERICA. Take the new tower in New York, why was it name { One World Tower } I believe the real name for the tower should have been { New York Freedom Tower } or { The American Freedom Tower } AMERICA wake up evil is at hand and is lying and working for you it’s called the government. Why else would we let them get away for STEALING our Social Security / 401 retirement money. They did NOT put any money into said plan You & your employer did. It was our money NOT the governments. Where is all the interest, where is all the money the one who died before they could collet gone.
    If it was in anyone else’s hand / plan we would be getting a easy $5000.00 a month. Why is it they always threat to take our SS when they can’t balance the budget. Our government is against AMERICA .. Wake Up this is ( The Republic Of The United States Of America ) —— NOT A One World Order ………..

    • Janis Owens

      You are absolutely correct.

    • Eddymoowad

      I agree with you almost 100 percent.

  • tdupuy

    There is a big difference between “being Lied to” and not getting all the facts. Your speculations as to what was going on at Benghazi and Stevens’ likely role may be correct. That in and of itself is not a “scoop.” However, don’t ever expect to get many, if any, “open sourced” details or confirmations.

    As you say in your report, there are CIA covert operations going on all over the world. Every one of them has a cover story and each “cover” has “sub covers.” Some of these operations may be operating outside the envelope of “declared policy,” formal treaties and/or international laws, in which case the CIA and its operatives will not divulge any information to the public. Regarding Benghazi, in all likelihood the term “consulate” was used routinely by all of the US Embassy personnel in Tripoli to describe the “Special Mission” in Benghazi. Nothing nefarious there – that was part of the cover and most may have actually believed it was or would soon become an operating, defacto consulate. Don’t try to read any more into the semantics.

    Sometimes there’s a fuzzy, thin line between what’s good covert policy, bad covert policy and criminal activity. I suspect that if there was/is in fact gun running from Libya to Syria through Turkey, it would fall under one of the two “covert policy” categories. Without detailed knowledge, it will be difficult to say the policy is good or bad. Given the history of our operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya, it should be obvious that without US personnel on the ground (a bad idea) it would be impossible to influence who controls those weapons both during the operation and later. In my view, an uncontrolled gun running operation into Syria is not only bad policy, it is hair brained. Unfortunately we may never know.

    I am less concerned about the possible classified circumstances surrounding Benghazi than the knowable facts which should not be shrouded by a covert underlying operation. I am most concerned about the reasoning behind not providing adequate security before the attacks, the reasoning for not lifting a finger to help those under attack and the reasoning behind the absurd statements and excuses that came (and continue to come) out of the White House, State and DOD. None of those actions should have been influenced by what may or may not have been a covert operation in Benghazi. Government explanations likewise should not be affected. That would be an impermissible cover up.

    • GeoRip

      Read “Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story” if you want a real page turner about how bad our government really is.

  • peterpanpiper

    all i have to say is this NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE Obama now lets Impeach him already

  • Pearl Crouse

    I read an article in 3 parts written by an investigative journalist who has an insider telling him that Obama and the Saudis were involved in gunrunning to Syria and Egypt. That’s what Mr. Stevens was doing in Benghazi. Supposedly, Hiliary paid the Libyans $20 million for their weapons and Stevens had rounded them up, put them on a Turkish boat headed for Syria. Supposedly, the Iranian and Russians found out about this and were very angry. This insider says it was Iranian terrorists who attacked the Consulate in Benghazi. No one was sent to help to cover up what they were doing. Whatever the truth is, it’s enough that Obama and Hiliary will do anything to keep it from becoming known. There should also be an investigation into the helicopter crash in Afghanistan shortly after the bin Laden raid. Nine of our Navy Seals were killed in that crash. There was a news conference about this yesterday – it made you very angry and very sad to watch these parents of the Seals talk about this incident. Also at the news conference were several retired military (Gen. MacInery and Adm Lyons) who are very concerned about what is happening in our Military today. All Americans should be very conerned about what is happening to our country.

  • Franklin Hall

    You are to be commended. Excellent article, analysis, investigating. But in my opinion you have about half of the story. Per my WW II training in night combat ops this story about a “terrorist attack” stinks. In all combat you want to know (1) what weapons does the enemy have; (2) what can they do; (3) where are they; (4) do they have enough personnel who can use them effectively. YOU DO NOT WANT THE ENEMY TO KNOW THOSE THINGS ABOUT YOU. You take cover. You do not dance around out in the open for all to see. You do not wave your weapons in the air for all to see. You do not light fires so they can see where you are. These Muslims knew the Americans had few weapons and no ammunition. Who told them? They wanted the Americans to see them and their weapons so they would conclude that their situation was hopeless and would surrender and be taken hostage. Plan A didn’t work, so they began plan B: they went in after the Americans. Two ex Navy Seals disobeyed orders to stand down and drove them out. The Muslims must have concluded that Obama had doublecrossed them. Plan C got ugly. Kill. destroy, punish the infidels. If they had started with plan C this whole attack would have lasted about 20 minutes and there would have been 30 dead bodies. They had all the fire power and we had none.

    • Eric Odom

      You’re talking about American or 1st world military tactics. Sorry, but I just don’t believe rogue Libyan and middle eastern militant armies use the same tactics.

      • Franklin Hall

        The first rule of combat: know your enemy and never underestimate him.

        • peterpanpiper

          Wrong the 1st rule of war is never fear your enemy the 2nd rule is never underestimate them and the 3rd is Kill all your enemy’s with no mercy

      • Franklin Hall

        Don’t forget, POTUS was told about 5:30 in the afternoon that the Benghazi compound was under attack, and all he did was to go upstairs, eat supper, and go to bed. As far as he was concerned, all was going as planned. There was nothing to get excited about. It would all be over in less than an hour. Then, tomorrow, he could send a rescue team to save the hostages and he would look like a great American hero. No other scenario accounts for his lack of interest.

        • Charles Kenworthy

          No other scenario accounts for his lack of interest. I think that is so close to the truth, it may Be the truth.

        • mjazzguitar

          His apparent lack of interest is one of the most puzzling aspects of the whole incident. If it wasn’t a staged event, did he just not care and go to bed?

    • GeoRip

      What proof do you have that Obama was involved in a plot? Couldn’t it have just as easily been planned as an October Surprise by Romney?

      • tdupuy

        Where is your proof that this might have been plotted by Romney? Also where is the proof for your earlier statement that Obama comes from a CIA family?
        All of these conspiracy theories appear to be coming from people with wild imaginations and no real experience with government or these types of operations. They’re devoid of reality. Send them on to someone like Tom Clancy who might be able to create a novel out of them.

  • littlenan

    The liars will be brought to justice – eventually, and how could they not with people like you putting their wrongdoings before the world.
    I am English and unable to sign your petition but I do wish you all the luck in the world. We have had leaders over here who have favoured their friends and betrayed the people who put them in office. We have almost left it too late to fight back – but we will anyway.
    I know the US people will not be trampled underfoot by those whom power has corrupted.

  • sparkplug

    Benghazi is small potatoes.

    Compared to the cover-up of the identity of the alias, Barrack H. Obama, and his being placed into the U.S. presidency, Continued, illegal support by his degenerate sponsors is next.

    Benghazi is another short-sighted endeavor by the CIA and Obama, using the CIA to run guns to USGOV paid operatives inside Syria. The attempt to topple the Syrian government via USGOV gun-running is an international application of the Fast and Furious gun-running by Obama-Holder to certain Mexican drug moguls. Same plan, different location.
    One big question remains: who were the mexican drug-lords suppose to topole ? The US Border Patrol, and sheriffs of all border counties with Mexico ?

    • Eddymoowad

      I think you have something there, Sheriff Joe of AZ is a prime example, the drug lords are trying to stop him by removing him from office.

      • GeoRip

        The Mexican government is as corrupted as ours and as Canada’s. The Mexican presidency has been stolen twice now. Just as ours was under Bush. I haven’t seen any proof the Obama stole any election although his past is certainly shady. He is from a CIA family, a point that gets no coverage.

  • GeoRip

    I don’t think the Republicans, of any GOP faction, really want to know what is going on because it is clear that the rebellion was a sham to begin with, sponsored by modern armaments in the hands of Al Queda “rebels” with a pause in the “war” to organize a new international western bank. It was a long planned coup to take the richest nation along the African/Mediterranean coast, rich in water and gold, with a very strategic position atop the African Continent. Neither major party wants that background of Empire cut loose discussed. Neither does the GOP want the gun running aspect of this to get a thorough airing because they want to march against Iran next, so they are all in favor of arming the Syrian “rebel scum”. My guess is that they will make a stink just to embarrass the chain of command under Obama and then they will let it go.

    I’m intrigued by Webster Tarpley’s theory (below) I hope there is more proof of it.

    Benghazi was an October suprise organized by the Romney campaign, the top neocons and a network of subversive 7 days in May generals featuring Petraeus – designed as a coup d’etat to put Romney into the White House as permanent austerity dictator.
    Stevens was in Benghazi to organize shipments of Qaddafi weapons and terrorist fighters to Syria via Turkey for the next civil war. He was killed by CIA asset and Gitmo grad Kumu. Set up by Petraeus??
    No help came because the CIA chain of command (Petraeus) and the military chains of command — Carter Ham of Africom and Stavridis of NATO – made sure it did not arrive.

  • JAS64

    You would have thought after Fast and Furious they would have gotten a clue. Nope. Now it’s about to explode in their face.

  • Jim Ward

    This U.S. history of secret wars — and opportunistcally working with former or future enemies — is bipartisan, spanning across Republican and Democratic administrations alike. The Washington political game, of course, is that when there is blow back from these clandestine operations the opposing party seeks to hang it on those in power all while keeping the truth classified. This makes the scandal mongering by the Republicans who know the truth — especially those on Congressional intelligence committees — all the more despicable. And it makes the right’s efforts to paint President Obama as some kind of lefty or Commie or terrorist sympathizer all the more laughable because he has, in fact, given the military and the intelligence agencies everything they could ever want to continue these secret wars.

    Benghazi was a CIA operation. As such, the CIA provided the security supplementing Ambassador Stevens’ DSS force. The outpost was set ablaze within 15 minutes of the initial assault and Stevens and Smith died of smoke inhalation. Two soldiers were later killed in a second attack 1 1/2 miles away while manning a machine gun atop the CIA base. After the initial attack, a CIA Predator drone was immediately launched and mapped out escape routes for surviving personnel. The responding forces were comprised of CIA soldiers — SEALs and Commandos. The first force was responding within 25 minutes. A second CIA/military force reinforced the first and brought the aircraft utilized in the evacuation. These forces were further reinforced by Libyan military with more than 50 vehicles.

    In the end, more than 60 of the attacking militants/terrorists were killed, the bodies of our 4 dead were secured, and 32 Americans were safely evacuated and on a plane home in hours.

    Benghazi being a clandestine operation, the CIA controlled the initial information. The infamous “talking points” were actually drafted at the request of a senior congressional intelligence committee member concerned that the new members would spill classified information.

    What needs to be explored more is the subsequent dismissal of dozens of CIA and military including, of course, the CIA director and high-ranking military leaders. Some theories point to the likely uncovering of a so-called “soft” coup attempt where military neocons, rogue CIA agents, Romney loyalists and Republican operatives conspired to create a Mid East crisis or kidnapping scenario in the midst of a election, just like Carter was dealt.

    Along these lines, it is worth investigating the funders of the anti-Muslim film that indeed was a part of protests, riots and attacks on U.S. facilities in the days prior to and immediately after the Benghazi attacks. It has been reported that there is a link here to, among others, John Bolton, the Romney campaign operative in line to be Secretary of State had their machinations succeeded.

  • hallart


    Why did you
    completely cave under White House
    pressure regarding the Benghazi report by Lara Logan??

    Don’t think for a
    moment that this story is going away.

    Come on, the “holes
    in Davies’ story” per the FBI report are a joke. Who doesn’t suspect that the
    IRS and FBI are in Obama’s pocket?

    The only thing that wasn’t vetted on Logan’s 60 minutes
    piece was permission from Obama to broadcast the truth.

    Take a refresher on the Watergate scandal. Woodward and
    Bernstein were thorough, meticulous, and tenaciously driven toward truth. Ok,
    they had Deep Throat. I still have faith that there are Investigative reporters
    out there that know how to dig things up.

    As for this quote: “The most important thing to every person
    at ’60 minutes’ is the truth, and the truth is we made a mistake”…it makes me

    Try standing behind honest, accurate reporting like Logan’s.

    If not, then take your stand next to the U.S. Congress… as
    just one more institution that’s rapidly losing its credibility.

    If news censorship like this is allowed to stand then the
    Beatles had it right…we’re back all right…

    back in the USSR.