Windows, Trash, and Colds

Today, Buddy Smalls learned to open the window and escape the premises. He was rather amused. And quite frankly, so was I.

Note to self: lock all windows, STAT.

He's also taken to throwing away his own trash. Example: he'll eat a piece of candy and throw the wrapper in the trash. Another example: today he casually grabbed my half-eaten banana off the counter, ate the rest, and threw the peel in the trash. He knows what goes in the trash and what does not go in the trash. To my knowledge, I have never know him to throw away something that was not trash. He's a genius, I'm certain.

In other news, the littlest one survived her first cold. She was a trooper and remained oh so pleasant even though she was suffering.

Today was the first day she really started feeling better.

And for that I am very very thankful.

Hope to be back soon to talk about home organization, one of my all time favorite topics...whoop, whoop!


  1. So glad Laurie is on the mend! We've been VERY sick. I have to do a "survival" post, but, both Rutledge & Gaines had type A flu....anywho, SS is certainly a genius displaying his skills these days! What a smart & helpful boy! Have you let him take charge of Laurie's diapers yet? That is Rutledge's favorite big brother job. He likes to retrieve clean diapers & throw away the used ones. And since diapering is done SO many times a day, he REALLY helps:). Blessings to y'all!

  2. THE WINDOWS! Ha-larious, I've never been so happy that our windows are "stuck". I think our boys might end up in Mexico when we get together in March.

    J does the same thing with trash. I believe it is genius as well. J claps for himself afterwords, so I guess he thinks it's genius too.

    If I don't get my hands on Laurie soon, I'm gonna have a fit.

  3. Laurie is gorgeous, and I agree about SS's "evidence of genius." I also love his fashion sense. The green boots are THE BEST

  4. Whoaaaaa . . . is that a picture of Stephen (Grande) when he was a baby (just dressed in pink)? No kidding . . . when her picture appeared, it looked so similar to his pictures!


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