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Making the Most of Winter Vacation Time


December 22, 2013 by Michelle

Winter vacation time- it comes, it goes, and it rarely feels like you got the most of it. Today begins …
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Festivus 2013: Bringing the Traditions Back


December 21, 2013 by Michelle

You know, we’ve been going non-stop about that major holiday coming in roughly 4 days. But we are frankly ignoring …
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Friday Blog Roundup #8: Resolutions Needed!


December 20, 2013 by Michelle

Holy smokes! It’s Friday! Wahooo! I’m pretty sure I write that in every blog roundup post, but this is a …
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Expert Tips For Your Debt-consolidation Program


December 19, 2013 by Michelle

An outstanding method to get-out of debt very fast is via debt consolidation. If you’d like advice on the best …
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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Broke


December 19, 2013 by Michelle

Today, I’m bringing back my husband Brendan. He’s most likely going to become a regular poster on this blog as …
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Buying a Home: Not for Us (Yet)


December 18, 2013 by Michelle

At 26 and married, I’m starting to notice a big trend among my peers- almost everyone is in the process …
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My Dream Christmas List


December 17, 2013 by Michelle

Dear Santa, It’s been an awfully long time since I sat down and wrote to you. These days, I just …
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Cheap Wrapping Paper Alternatives


December 15, 2013 by Michelle

On Friday, I mentioned that I have a strange and somewhat secret (well, not anymore) love: wrapping paper! There is …
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A Day In The Life of the Unemployed


December 14, 2013 by Michelle

Today’s post is sort of a guest-post. My husband, Brendan- a writer in his own right, is stopping by to …
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Friday Blog Roundup #7


December 13, 2013 by Michelle

TGIFriday! Heck yeah! You’re welcome, world. I’m only 7 days or one work week away from my extended holiday break! …
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Hey-o! I’m Michelle. While my husband is unemployed, I’m working on getting us on the right track to financial freedom by slimming down our debt and working out our assets. This is my journey of knowing nothing to learning everything possible.


Starting Debt: $69,252
Total Debt as of 12/12/2013: $66,026
Debt repaid: $3,143
Percentage of debt repayment: 4.5%
Amount of Debt Paid For December: $574

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