"a light festival"


While January brings Seattle a 26% chance of sun and rain turning to showers with a chance of drizzle later in the day, Susan Robb and Sierra Stinson are creating and curating ONN/OF an art exhibition and “light festival” that forecasts a weekend of illumination, warmth, and gloom-banishing engagement.

ONN/OF was born from 2011’s isolation-inducing, La Niña-drenched winter weather. Now, instead of hiding away on what has been scientifically proven to be the worst, most depressing days of the year, Susan and Sierra invite you to engage with a weekend of visual art, performance, installation, projection, music, food and drink, and workshops that in some way use “light”.

Their aim is to create an environment that not only lets people escape the cold and solitude that comes with Seattle’s winter season but to build a warm and energizing experience that might produce enough radiance to help see Seattle through the rest of the winter.




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