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Seven Angels for Seven Days   Castle Quay Books

Angelina Fast-Vlaar recounts the true story of a dream camping trip through the Australian outback with her husband Peter, which produces an untimely encounter with death, and an adventure more amazing than they could have ever dreamed. We are told that we sometimes entertain angels unaware, but never did Angelina imagine that God would send “not one,” but seven encounters with “angels” in the remote outback to help her cope with a drastic turn of events. This amazing “trip of a lifetime” will leave readers chilled and constantly moving between deep sorrow and bubbling joy. Angelina’s gripping account of her personal struggle with lonlieness, depression, and intense grief becomes a major tribute to the grace and love of God. Seven Angels for Seven Days is a must-read for believers. Winner of the 2004 First-time Canadian Christian Author award.
Castle Quay Books
Apr 15, 2007

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