What license does MonkeyScript use?

Originally MonkeyScript was planned to use jslibs which is currently GPL licensed but may be moving to the LGPL. So the original plan was to license the project under LGPLv3 once jslibs moved to LGPL because the jslibs project had no intention of using any looser a license than that.

However as things have piled up; Getting itchy waiting for a time to implement, projects that would be great to work on now, and talks with other people interested in Server-side JavaScript. The end result has been the decision to go ahead and start a early implementation in Java instead of C/C++.

So MonkeyScript Lite (that early implementation) which is being written in Rhino is currently using the MIT License. The license choice is still a little wavering it's possible that the desire to cooperate with other Server-Side JavaScript projects may lead to the project migrating licenses. However, the project will only migrate to a loose license like MIT, BSD, or the MPL/GPLv2/LGPLv2.1 tri-license that SpiderMonkey uses. To avoid issues when it comes to moving to the license we'll probably require that anyone commiting to the core transfer copyright to the project head, or give the project permission ahead of time to relicense their contributions to one of those other licenses if the project is relicensed (to avoid issues with one of the contributors disappearing and being unable to be contacted to get permission).