1. I am very unimaginative/set most of my SM accounts at the same time. :)

  2. very sorry to hear that. Knowing she was with the ones she loved is the only comfort one can take at this time. x

  3. our case it's thanks to the geniuses who decided to build balconies with no drainage. And they still do it. :(

  4. It is a truth universally acknowledged that all rented properties will have some kind of mould or damp.

  5. . website is totally crooked tonight - can't book slot or add items. Hoping they'll honour money off coupon I was unable to use.

  6. I'm not even sure where you buy evaporated milk or exactly what it is, but always worth a try!

  7. all other years, I'd agree (I'm the gluttonous youngest too) this year thought I'd try limiting consumption by purchasing less...

  8. I had to resort to leaving the house to resolve the situation! It was traumatic. :)

  9. We have no chocolate in the house. How the hell has this happened?!

  10. Nothin beats carbonara made with real cream. Low fat creme fraiche just doesn't compare!

  11. whereas these balance currency/content/detail. I imagine similar for Dr Who.

  12. also makes sense in programming re currency - by the time an entire textbook's been written it's almost out of date.

  13. ridiculous as it sounds I can see the rationale as they are halfway between a book & mag. The boyf buys them for programming etc.

  14. I just found it all very "meh". The film just happened to me because I didn't engage with any of the actors or the action.

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