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Wednesday, 15 May 1985
Page: 2503

(Question No. 281)

Mr Connolly asked the Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services, upon notice, on 21 March 1985:

(1) What arrangements does the Minister's Department make for the production of films and videos for both internal and external use.

(2) Is any production carried out within the Minister's Department.

(3) How many films/videos were produced for or by the Minister's Department during 1983-84 and what was (a) the title and (b) the cost of each production.

(4) What film/video production equipment is held by the Minister's Department and what is its primary use.

(5) How many officers are employed in this area within the Minister's Department and what are their salaries.

Mr Uren —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) The Department of Local Government and Administrative Services produces its own films and videos for both internal and external use and, in so doing, follows Film Australia guidelines. In addition, the Department has occasionally employed Film Australia to produce films, in which case various departmental officers have acted as advisers.

The Office of Local Government has provided funds and co-operated with other authorities in the production of films as part of the Local Government Development Program.

(2) There exists in the Department a limited capacity for film/video production.

(3) Only one film titled RSI-The New Industrial Epidemic was produced by the Department in 1983/84 at a cost of $5,861.20.

Six videos were produced by the Department in 1983/84. The titles (a) and cost (b) of these videos are as follows:

$ (a) Staff Apartments-Port Moresby (b)

60 (Three videos titled the above were produced at a total cost of $60)


Nil Embassy Site-Riyadh

1,427 Embassy Site-Beijing


No films or videos were produced externally in 1983/84.

(4) The management Division of this Department holds the following film/video production equipment: 1 Hitachi Colour Camera; 1 Rank Arena NGC Video Recorder 3 3/4'' U-matic; 1 Sony Betamovie 1/2'' Beta.

The equipment is used for internal training courses.

The Overseas Property Office of the Department holds the following film/video equipment: 2 Hitachi Video Cameras; 1 Hitachi portable recorder; 1 National portable recorder; 1 Hitachi video tuner; 1 Sanyo video cassette recorder.

Videos are taped by staff when undertaking overseas inspections and used for briefings. Videos for the presentation of overseas site and locality information to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works are professionally prepared by the private sector.

(5) No officers are employed exclusively in film production. Those officers involved in this function incorporate the taks into their range of the duties. A total of approxiamately 15 officers have, to some stage, been concerned with providing advice on or producing films and videos. Pending full development of workload measures, the component of salary costs attributed to film/video production cannot meaningfully be estimated.