Global journalists’ union supports Wikileaks


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) represents more than 600,000 journalists in 131 countries. The following motion was passed at the IFJ’s World Congress meeting in Dublin last month:

Welcoming the work of Wikileaks as part of the new breed of media organisation based on the public’s right to know. The technological innovation that has underpinned the Wikileaks model offers important opportunities for media organisations toexpose information that governments and corporations would rather keep secret;

deploring the attacks on Wikileaks by political figures including allegations of illegality, threats of extra-judicial action and reports of extradition against the organisation and its founder Julian Assange. We are concerned at the pressure placed on other organisations to cut off the support that is necessary for a new media organisation like Wikileaks to survive;

equally deploring the treatment of Private Bradley Manning by the US authorities. No person acting in the public interest believed to be a source should be treated in the manner he has been treated;

supporting the action of our affiliate, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, on behalf of its member, Julian Assange;

Congress calls on the IFJ Executive Committee to campaign in support of Wikileaks as an independent media organisation committed to the public’s right to know, to resist the attacks on the organisation and its founder Julian Assange and to ensure fair treatment for Bradley Manning.”

The IFJ is the world's largest organisation of journalists. It promotes international action to defend press freedom and social justice through strong, free and independent trade unions of journalists. It does not subscribe to any given political viewpoint, but promotes human rights, democracy and pluralism. The IFJ is opposed to discrimination of all kinds and condemns the use of media as propaganda or to promote intolerance and conflict. It believes in freedom of political and cultural expression and defends trade union and other basic human rights. The IFJ is the organisation that speaks for journalists within the United Nations system and within the international trade union movement and supports journalists and their unions whenever they are fighting for their industrial and professional rights.