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About John

I am a Web Developer from Michigan who is passionate about creating user friendly websites and web applications. I am constantly working on my trade and honing my skills by reading blogs, books and magazines and staying current on web trends and technologies. I don't just think of being a web developer as my career choice; it is also my hobby that I try to find as much time to do for fun. I also really enjoy helping others find solutions or to help them better understand programming topics. As of December 15th 2012, I am a college graduate with an Associates Degree in Web Development. During my time in school, I enjoyed working on course projects and helping the other students as often as possible.

If there is something that I cannot do, I research and investigate until I find a solution. The part I enjoy most about being a web developer is being able to create something from absolutely nothing. If I had to choose whether I wanted to be a front end web developer or a back end web developer, I would choose back end web development. I enjoy the inner workings of a website and web applications because even though you can't see it like a design and layout, it is still a thing of beauty. Having a professional looking website is crucial to any business that is trying or has already established any sort of online presence. Poor usability, design and functionality can lead to negative connotations about your company. I am readily available to give you the website you deserve whether it's for your company, personal use or anything else you need a website for. I am also available to create web applications such as registration/login systems, contact forms or anything else you may need. Take the first step towards successfully establishing or improving your online presence today! Contact John Belisle.

My Web Development Process

Recent Projects

Number Facts

Number Facts

Technology: Facebook SDK, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Simple HTML DOM


A simple Facebook Canvas app that uses the Simple HTML DOM Library to grab number facts from for numbers specified by user input. Number Facts also has a "This Day In History" feature that allows users to find facts about a specified month and day in history.

Referral System

Referral System

Technology: PHP, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3


This referral system was a side project I did for fun. It allows users to register for the website and retrieve their referral URL from their "My Account" page. These URLs can be used to refer others to the website and the user that refers them will get credit every time someone signs up with their referral id. The user can also track how many referrals they currently have from the My Account page. The website is just a plain, generic, empty website just being used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Referral System. Additional features, such as email verification upon registration, will be added in the future. Go ahead and create your own account(s) and give the referral system a whirl!

Conference Registration

Conference Registration

Technology: PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, jQuery


Using sessions to store data and jQuery to validate input on the client side, this application is a multi-page signup form for users to sign up for technology conferences of their choice. Once the user fills out their personal info, company info and chooses desired conferences to attend; the user is taken to a summary page to review their input. From there, they can either go back and edit data or they can submit and register. Repeat emails are disallowed. At any time the user can click a "start over" button to reset the session and start over. The data is saved to a database using MySQL. This was a class Final Project.

My Experience

With an Associates Degree in Web Development, I have taken many different programming courses and some non programming courses as well. My experience consists of front and back end web development languages as well as a few desktop programming languages. Some of my non programming experience includes Business Communications and Marketing which has been beneficial in learning proper business message tactics and techniques. My experience includes:

  • (X)HTML 4 & 5
  • CSS 2 & 3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • SQL
  • XML
  • SEO
  • phpMyAdmin
  • C++
  • Visual Basic
  • WordPress

This website was built using several web technologies. I used PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 as the main languages while adding in Javascript / jQuery to some of the interactive elements like the scrolling navigation and inline contact form validation. The contact form also takes advantage of the ajax capabilities that jQuery provides to eliminate the need for page refresh upon form submission. In order to display my recent projects dynamically, I stored each project as a row in a mysql database and load each project title, image, technologies used, descriptions, and hyperlinks to the project demos using mysql.

Contact John Belisle

Thank you for your interest in my services. Please use any contact method you wish to contact me about your future projects. I am available to make your website or web applications for big and small business, blogs or personal website for whatever needs you have. I look forward to speaking with you!



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