Transdisciplinary Review of Human Plasticity 

Number 5


 Science and Art : at the doors of the interior space



Ilke Angela Marechal is a writer, poet and translator. She is an in particular author of "Sciences and Imaginary" (Albin Michel, 1994) and translated the book of Marie-Louise Von Franz "Matter and Psyche" (Albin Michel, 2002). She was also produced the emission "EPECTASE" on Radio-Aligre FM during several years and organized meetings between the scientific and artistic universes at the Dosne-Thiers Foundation, the Institute of France or the Palais de la Découverte in Paris. She is currently deputy of the association SPACE (Paris) and has just founded the editions "Anima Viva " in Andorra. Her text is thus naturally situated at the edge between science and art, carries out us with dexterity and a great sensitivity to the heart of these interior spaces inhabited by the poet, the scientist, even the mystic since they reach a space of mystery or pure discovery where they recognized the same "universe-source".





Georges Friedenkraft  is a director of research at the CNRS, specialized in neurosciences, but is also poet and president of the association "Jointée" which publishes the poetic review "Jointure". It delivers here an overview of its interior space where poetry and science are discovered, challenging themselves mutually with respect to their respective territories but refusing any scission. George Friedenkraft thus explains to us through his own experience how one could be scientific and poet at the same time and what led him during its singular history to use these two inclinations "to look at stars".







Georges Friedenkraft.  We did not resist to plunge you in the universe of the haïkus or rather of the French "haïkous" to which G Friedenkraft initiates us, because it prolongs the experiment, proves it, reveals it, directs it, diversifies it and finally open to us the at the same time the metric space and the illuminations of the Japanese poetic language.


*      The BBB (Burned by blue) EFFECT  (second episod)   


Ana Leonor Madeira Rodrigues attended the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon and the Academy der Bildenden Kunst & HdK in Berlin where she obtained a masters in cultural studies before obtaining her doctorate in Architecture at the faculty of Lisbon (subject of the thesis: "The drawing, order structuring and universalizing architectonic thought"). She teaches there since 1992. She offers an art & science fiction to us which has been exhibited several times since 1996 in Lisbon, in the USA and in Frankfurt, and will soon be published as a book. The first episode is presented to you in this number of PLASTIR, the others will follow soon.This second episode of the "BBB" effect named "preliminary Investigations and public presentations (1999)" is presented to you in this number of PLASTIR. Richly illustrated, it holds us the historical investigation of these worrying bacterial infections and blue radiations which affect the kitchens of Lisbon and penetrate cunningly at least the physical, semantic and emotional space of the reader. How not to be inhabited by this strange universe where the author involve itself for our greater pleasure?






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Plastir n°5





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