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Why It Made Your Top 100 List

The Ocarina of Time is the videogame equivalent of the Godfather movie - it is both excellent and brilliant. The Ocarina of Time also like the Godfather in that it did not just make waves in its field, it made a tsunami. It remains to this day one of, if not the best, videogames of all time. Nintendo Power said "The Ocarina of Time has stood the test of time", and it has. It is literally frozen in time as the absolute best videogame of all time. The game still is brilliant and fresh to play after a decade and never grows old. This is the keystone game of the Zelda series as every other Zelda game made to this day, and probably future titles as well, are directly linked to Ocarina of Time.

Fun Facts

For the second version of the Ocarina of Time cart, certain aesthetic changes were made to the game. The most obvious being that Ganandorf's blood was changed from red to green, making the game seem less violent. Also, the Muslim chant in the background of the Fire Temple was removed, as well as a decidedly Islamic looking star and moon symbol from various objects in the game, including the Mirror Shield. These changes were kept for all subsequent releases of the game, including the Gamecube and Virtual Console ports.