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Rubbin' Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe

"Originals that you CAN'T find anywhere else"

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Rubbin Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe

903 Broad St, Milliken, CO 80543 - Map


Dine In, and Catering

Scott: pitmaster@rubbinbuttzbbq.com

Amanda: amanda@rubbinbuttzbbq.com

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About Us

Rubbin Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe officially became a business in April 2010, but the food has been years in the making. Having always loved BBQ and suddenly finding himself in New York where BBQ is hard to find, our Pitmaster, Scott Nix, fine tuned what had been a hobby into an art. Backyard cookouts soon became community events. All of our recipes, from our mouth watering BBQ sauces, to our succulent selections of meats are all Rubbin Buttz BBQ originals that you CAN’T find anywhere else. We’re happy to be back home in Colorado and excited to introduce you to our unique blend of BBQ.

We are proud to be a family owned business, and we hope to pass on for generations to come our secret family recipes and techniques that make Rubbin Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe one of a kind.

Customer Testimonials

P. Kelley

“You know it’s a great day when a handsome young prince delivers the most incredible cup of creamy, cheesy  potato soup that only “The Queen of Soup” could have made!  Keep it up and you guys are gonna own this town!”

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