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The Defeat of the Spanish Armada Articles

The Spanish Armada of 1588 -- By Wes Ulm
Objectives and Planning of the Armada -- By Wes Ulm
Aftermath of the Spanish Armada -- By Wes Ulm
Spanish Armada Conclusions -- By Wes Ulm
Suggested Reading About the Spanish Armada -- Compiled by Wes Ulm
Studying and researching regional history can also give you an overview of the Spanish Armada.
Use this educational site for additional insight on England's role in the spanish armada.
Here you can find information on other voyages and famous explorers. spanish explorers.
It is beneficial for our children to not only learn about their own history, but also world culture
For additional references on the American colonies, click here.
If you are looking for a broader search of US history, this site is a good source to use.
This report was written solely on the history of newspapers all over the world.
This great site provides a detailed history of the uses of newspapers throughout history.
This site is especially useful to history teachers because it provides free social studies lesson plan to incorporate your reference sources.

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