Structure-and-motion (SfM) software

Structure-and-motion software for image collections performing feature extraction, pairwise image matching and geometric verification, and (sparse) 3D model generation is available. A demonstration data set is also available for download. For more information on the dependencies and requirements, how to compile the software, and how to run it please read the accompanying README.

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Simple Sparse Bundle Adjustment (SSBA)

A version of a sparse bundle adjustment implementation with adjustable intrinsics and distortion parameters (either shared by all views or varying for each view) is available here. The README gives some information about file formats etc. There are two medium sized datasets included in the distribution.

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News for SSBA-3.0:

News for SSBA-2.0:

Gain-Adaptive KLT Tracking and TV-L1 optical flow on the GPU

You can download the current version of the GPU-KLT+FLOW here. Technical descriptions of the utilized approaches can be found here (KLT) and here (optical flow)..

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