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The Universe wants to play--Hakim Bey

This is the Day we discovered the Door
that was open to all from the Start
this is the Day we traded in War
in exchange for a wide-open Heart
This is the birthday
of Love and of Light and the Child
the Day when we took off our diapers
and entangled our lives with the Wild.
--doctor jabir--

Before you enter quantumtantra, are you able to answer "yes" to the following questions?

Do you admire the achievements of science but would like to experience a more intimate relationship than mere observation with the physical Universe ?

Do you live in a country, state or stellar system where quantum tantra has not yet been outlawed?

Are you prepared to relax your armor, open your heart
and greet Reality as a lover?

Are you ready to saunter barefoot thru the Cosmogasm
in the company of erotic non-human beings?

Ready to saunter

No. I am content with my illusions. The less I find out about Reality the better.

Remain ignorant

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