MonkeyScript is a project made to create a clean usable environment for JavaScript development outside of the browser — on the server, on the command line, and more. Along with libraries and a system for downloading and installing them.

The main focus is server-side applications, but that is not the complete orientation. MonkeyScript takes JavaScript gives it a clean environment and standard library, a module system, and implements the ability to serve out web pages and web applications on top of that. From there any sort of web framework or application you wish to create can be built.

We have a Google Group monkeyscript-dev setup for discussions, and you can follow us on twitter @monkeyscript.

Drafting and planning can be found at see the api draft as well as the wiki.

Current implementation work is broken up into the MonkeyScript Lite and Wrench.js subprojects.

As a final note, MonkeyScript also plans to implement CommonJS (formerly ServerJS) standards and is participating in the group's discussions.

Sorry Everyone: This site has gotten fairly well out of date. MonkeyScript has been revamped multiple times and ideas have been thought up, rewritten, and discarded.

Bananas are gone. Lite and the SpiderMonkey version will be unified and run on common code. No more Blob after great lengths of thought, instead we'll probably implement a very useful io system with binary based on java's nio, and a number of useful extras.

This website also needs to have it's backend replaced with something easier to tweak.