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Implement a reactive supplier chain

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The support beyond industry

Support beyond industry

Transix eCommerce, eBusiness & ERP

From 10 years of development comes a new generation of powerful business software for many types of company but especially those typically described as SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). It is remarkably simple both to implement and maintain - at very affordable levels of investment.

You will already appreciate how much pressure your company faces in improving efficiency and profitability. Let us explain to you - with a refreshing absence of technical jargon - how easily and quickly you could introduce the latest computer facilities that will allow you to challenge your competitors on a much improved footing

We at Transition Engineering International provide software and consultancy services for manufacturing, distribution, logistics and supply chain management covering:

E-commerce, E-Business... ERP

Finally, an e-commerce/e-business platform for the enterprise at SME prices. Transix platform exploits many years of experience – to make available a system that brings together customer and internal support requirements in one simple implementation. Read more

Critical support

But what happens afterwards? Relying on the use of the latest internet facilities your system will be kept at the peak of condition, reflecting your changing needs. And, of course, there will be times, especially in the early days, when our personal presence is vital. We will do what it takes to leave you delighted with your decision to use Transix. Read more

Case studies

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Blackwood Distillery

A remote off-shore distillery in Shetland...
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