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We believe that governance should revolve around You - the citizen. We believe that you should receive government services without having to pay a bribe. We believe that you are entitled to know where your tax money is going. We believe that you should be recognized for your hard work, not your family name. We believe in promoting entrepreneurship, not in promoting caste divisions. We believe in great ideas and using technology to solve our problems; not in free TVs and grinders. We believe in providing equal opportunities to realize the unfulfilled potential of our people.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

Our freedom movement had ordinary people from all walks of life coming together for the cause of India. Sixty five years later, we still find ourselves in the bottom of world rankings in poverty, malnutrition and public health. The corrupt and inefficient system allows food grains to rot away instead of reaching the needy. The system can only change if our politics change.

Politics has become a spectator sport and it is time we look at politics again as the vehicle for public service.

Joining politics does not mean you need to contest elections, you can help in many other ways by using your professional skills, by giving your time and energy for policy making, public campaigns to create awareness using technology and grass roots work.

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Honest Politics needs Honest Money

Lok Satta never buys voters with money or freebies but we do need funds for legitimate purposes like paying staff, printing pamphlets and banners, conducting various events and hosting this website.


Every donation you make to Loksatta is accounted for and you will receive a receipt that you can get a tax exemption under Section 80 (G).

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Great ideas cannot be contained

That is why Lok Satta is spreading all over India. Our fight against corruption in politics has united people from Delhi to Tamil Nadu. Soon, we will be in every state, every village and every city. We also have huge support from Indians living abroad through the People for Lok Satta organization. Click on your state in the map to know more about Lok Satta's activities there. If you don't see Lok Satta in your state, please come forward to start our chapter in your state.

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