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Trip to DC
With Shoeless Jeff
& Scott Free

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Journey with Shoeless Jeff & Scott Free to the nation’s capital as they visit topics like Voting Rights, Presidents, Political Parties and more!

Behind the Music

Meet Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free, vocalists of Smart Songs. They rhyme back and forth with energy on every track, bringing to life classroom lessons.

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Fan Feedback

Teachers and students said...

“My fourth grade class loves your Bill of Rights song and your Presidents Rap! Thanks for making learning easy!” -Jessica W., Augusta, ME

“I absolutely love the Presidents Song you have created, and I will be studying it for my AP US History Test in May.” -Gabi M., Tega Cay, SC

“I am currently student teaching in Philadelphia. I took over social studies in 5th grade and came across your songs on YouTube! They have helped me SO much to explain the information to the students!” -Jenna B., Philadelphia, PA

“Hello! I am an 8th grade teacher. I am planning on showing the Bill of Rights song in my class next week.” -Kjerstin B., Portland, OR

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