Strong Neighbourhoods: A call to action

Torontonians Speak Out report cover A report of the strong neighbourhood task force

In April 2003, the Toronto City Summit Alliance released its report, Enough Talk, which called upon the Prime Minister and Premier to implement a new fiscal deal for municipalities, and to immediately address the need for new physical infrastructure in the Toronto area. It also pressed government to address the urgent need for more affordable housing, improved access to post-secondary education, quicker economic integration of newcomers, and new social infrastructure in the citys poorest neighbourhoods.

The Strong Neighbourhood Task Force was formed in April 2004 to take up the challenge of Enough Talk. A joint initiative of United Way Toronto and the City of Toronto, and with the support of the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario, the goal of the Strong Neighbourhood Task Force was to build an action plan for revitalizing Toronto neighbourhoods.

The Task Force was comprised of civic leaders from the private, labour, voluntary, and public sectors in the City of Toronto. Together, they recognized the importance of strong neighbourhoods to Torontos standing as a world-class city, and together, they were committed to mobilizing the attention and the resources that are necessary for Toronto to regain its reputation as a city of great neighbourhoods.

Toronto has an incredible opportunity to learn from the experience of other countries, and take action to enhance its reputation as a city of neighbourhoods. We must seize this opportunity, and ensure our struggling neighbourhoods do not slip into decline. Toronto can be a city of inclusive, welcoming, cohesive and participatory neighbourhoods, a city where no one is disadvantaged because of where they live. The Task Force was confident that the will to act on this vision exists at all levels, and that a formal commitment to strengthen Toronto's neighbourhoods can be won. To this end, they made 10 recommendations within the report.

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