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Yaroslava Nechaeva (Yasa)
Phone(734) 649-4492
Lessons availableDance, Field Moves, Freestyle
QualificationsPSA Registered in MIF, PSA level V;
Bach in Phys Ed from Moscow State Academy


Yaroslava Nechaeva (Yasa) has been a member of Ann Arbor FSC since 1998. She began ice skating in Moscow, Russia at the age of four. When she was twelve, Yaroslava began Ice Dancing and teamed up with Yuri Chesnitchenko in 1987. During Yaroslava's amateur career, she was on the Russian National team and successfully competed in many international events including winning Silver medal at 1992 Junior Worlds Figure Skating Championship and 1992 Skate Canada Grand Prix.

Yaroslava continued skating with Yuri through their professional career as well, which started in 1995 in England touring with the production of The Phantom of the Opera on Ice, followed by Torvill and Deans "Ice Adventures". In USA they performed with the Ice Theater of New York. In 1999 Yaroslava started teaching at Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club. She enjoys working with skaters of all levels and ages and helping them to accomplish their goals.


Since 1999 Yaroslava has been coaching students of different levels from basic skill skaters to an International level. She has led students to their Senior tests level as well as National and International Championships.

Yaroslava's students have medaled at ISU events such as Junior Grand Prix, Junior World Championship, Grand Prix, and ISU Four Continents. Her students have won Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice and Junior US National dance titles at US Nationals over the years.

In 2008 US Figure Skating Association, Professional Skaters Association and US OLympic Committee named Yaroslava a Developmental Coach of the Year. Yaroslava is ranked level VII with Professional Skaters Association out of X being the highest based on the accomplishments of a skater under coaches direction.

Yasa enjoys seeing her students accomplish their goals and is committed to helping them to achieve them.

Yasa is continuing her professional education by taking part in national seminars and workshops.

Yaroslava's Coaching Accomplishments:

  • 2008 World Junior Championships, Gold medal
  • 2010 US Figure Skating Championships, Silver medal
  • 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, 11th place
  • 2008 United States Figure Skating Association, Professional Skaters Association and United States Olympic Committee named Yaroslava as Developmental Coach of the Year.