Software is too frustrating.

There are a lot of choices in today's computing world – what's worse, most of them are too complicated. Hundreds of features, dozens of user preferences, unresponsive programs, inscrutable error messages, crowded toolbars, merciless disrespect for the safety of your data; all of these are problems that plague most of today's software.

But not all of it.

Yes, it's true. You may have seen some of it – glimmering rays of hope in the form of programs that are just plain usable. They get out of your way, they respect your train of thought, they don't lose your data, they don't bombard your screen with distractions you'll never use. They just let you do what you need to do with a minimum amount of fuss.

Well, we know that this kind of software exists out there somewhere, in the crowded computer software marketplace. But it can be pretty hard to find. With all the options out there and in your computer, it's practically impossible to figure out how to have a computer that just plain works. One that's both responsive to your needs and considerate of your frailties.

We're here to help.

We've been using computers for a pretty long time. We've carefully studied what makes good interfaces. And we'd really like to use our expertise to guide you in making your computing life simpler, more peaceful, and more productive. Regardless of whether you think of yourself as a novice, an expert, or something in between.

All you need, really, is an open mind.

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Humanized Reader

As soon as we heard about the concept of web syndication, we wanted to take advantage of it. The problem is that most aggregators were filled with panes, heirarchical trees, scroll bars, and clicky-bits. All we wanted was to read our news in peace. So we made the Humanized Reader.


Having to change programs to perform simple tasks—for example, making a quick calculation, or looking up a definition—breaks your concentration, takes you away from the task at hand, and wastes your valuable time. Enso lets you do common computing tasks easier and faster than ever before. You get a huge productivity boost and a simpler digital life. And now that Enso is free, it won't cost you a penny.

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal explains:

Enso is dead simple to use. You just hold down the Caps Lock key and type an Enso command, which is displayed in a translucent overlay. Once the command is typed, you simply release the Caps Lock key to activate it, and the overlay disappears. If you type fast, it all happens in a flash. For instance, to launch the Firefox Web browser, you just hold down the Caps Lock key and type "open firefox." To look up the meaning of the word "proclivity," you just hold down the Caps Lock key and type "define proclivity."

Turning Caps Lock into a command key might sound strange at first — no other software works that way, does it? — but our philosophy is that interfaces can't hope to be better than what you're used to unless they're different from what you're used to. You'll find that Enso is different in a lot of other ways, too. Give the Caps Lock method a try. If you don't like it, you can of course configure Enso to be activated in the way you prefer

Play Enso Demo

Take the Enso Tour to learn how it works, or jump right into Enso Words and Enso Launcher.

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