It’s the cat’s whiskers! Karl Lagerfeld designs a line of accessories inspired by his famous feline Choupette

By Daily Mail Reporter


Karl Lagerfeld once called his fluffy white cat Choupette a ‘famous beauty.’

And now she’s poised for even more fame with a with a holiday capsule collection he designed in her likeness.

The Choupette collection is filled with feline-inspired goods like a cat-shaped knit hat ($61.50), shopping tote ($465) and assorted phone accessories.


Fancy feline: The Choupette collection will be sold in Karl Lagerfeld stores across Europe

True to Lagerfeld’s style, there is also a pair of fingerless gloves on offer.

The collection will be sold in Karl Lagerfeld stores across Europe starting November 12, reports WWD.

Karl Lagerfeld

Forever Karl: Lagerfeld has previously called Choupette a 'famous beauty'

Choupette famously inspired the Twitter spoof named Choupette’s Diary that presently clocks in at over 33,700 followers. Lagerfeld also created a Choupette bag to as part of Chanel’s fall 2012 couture collection.


Lagerfeld once said that Choupette maintains two maids, one of which records her every move each day.

The cat has appeared in fashion spreads inside magazines like German Vogue and V. In 2012 Lagerfeld would frequently leak photos of her to the press, hiding in a Colette shopping bag or posing beside a vase of flowers.

However, the feline has taken a hiatus from public life as of late, making the Choupette collection feel a bit fresher than it would have, say, twelve months ago.

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Now watch all the sheeple of the fashion industry buy this Hello Kitty rip-off.

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Oh his I want it all and a pic of the cat

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what a creepy guy!

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Looks so cheap and nasty (even though it will cost far more than its worth) . A 5 year old could draw pointy ears on anything but it would not be "designed" . Such pretentious tosh.

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Look like spiders.

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Love the cat shaped hat!! But for $61 dollars, I think I would rather my Gran knitted one for me instead!!!

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I love cats, but would not pay those prices to look look like I have raided my childrens wardrobe

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he looks like ..max headroom.. google that name and you see what i mean

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Is Karl Lagarfeld from this planet.

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