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Welcome to the unofficial site for Moore County, NC republicans.
This site is dedicated to Moore County, NC republican party news and issues

( is home to the official "Moore County Republican Party",
an IRS Section 527 organization which, in my opinion, is currently under the control of the vicious and mean-spirited Richard Morgan clan who act like Democrats)

Check out our 'News & Articles' page.

Congratulations to
Harris Blake
Jamie Boles
Nick Picerno
Tim Lea


The Moore County Republican Party
(the John Owen lead Executive Committee)
has voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit against me!
(A hearty Thank You! to all of you who supported me through this ordeal.)

What does it mean?
I believe that the Richard Morgan clan is executing a well financed and organized plan of revenge against the good republicans of Moore County who they blame for his political demise. Their plan involves targeting and removing our current elected leadership if they are not part of the Richard Morgan clan. They just about accomplished this during our County Convention in 2007 but they did not count on the rank-and-file republicans, you good folks, seeing right through them. They are trying to do it this election cycle too. DO LET THEM FOOL YOU! When a lobbyist is called a legislator's "peer" by these folks any thinking person can see what the real problem is! They say these "peers" ranked our district's legislators very low on legislative action. To me that translates into a very good rating in protecting OUR interests against those of the special interest lobbyists which they, Jim Black, Richard Morgan, and all of the Democrats seem to love so well.

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The primary mission of republicans in Moore county is to recruit and elect Republican legislative, statewide and congressional candidates. We work in concert with the state Republican Party and grassroots organizations to identify and train successful, civic-minded individuals to run for, and win, elective office.

We are energized and are cultivating the grassroots organizations that are critical in building a comprehensive support system for Republican candidates. Members of the republican party strive to make a difference by recognizing bad legislative initiatives and correcting those mistakes with sensible strategies, such as, lower taxes on working families and businesses, education reform designed to improve standard test scores and promotion of economic and individual liberty.

As members of the republican party we are always interested in hearing from the grassroots with suggestions on how we can better help get Republicans elected. Please feel free to drop us a line at any time.

Whether you are already involved or you would like to become active, please consider attending local Party events here in Moore County.

You will find more information about these meetings in our calendar of events or by contacting the party for more information.

We hope you will return to this web site often as this site is updated frequently.

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