1. Come with us.. we'll start over. We'll live underground, and use bacon for clothes.

  2. Today I'm thankful for the heat in my apartment.. and for the fact that the hot water [for the radiators] is included in our rent.

  3. Enlightened by YouTube, Jason takes Krissi on a trip around the universe and all the other places, too.

  4. The 2' square of floor on top of the hot water pipe, in front of the toilet is comforting when I'm sitting here feeling like I'll puke :/

  5. We had a really awesome holiday season and a great time visiting with family & friends, but I'm glad we're home. I missed my bed.

  6. Happy (belated) New Year wishes & all the best to you and your family <3

  7. Underdogs? Nah. We like Sugar Bowl Champs better. BOOMER! The clobber the Crimson Tide, 45-31!

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