PeepCode is now part of Pluralsight

It's been a fantastic ride for the last 7 years! But we're not done...we're starting fresh with new courses and concepts at Pluralsight.

If you need to migrate your PeepCode account, please visit our support website. If you're interested in creating courses for us, please email Geoffrey Grosenbach.

Our Story

Starting in 2006, PeepCode introduced you to the cutting edge of Open Source technologies with beautiful productions and progressive teaching techniques. We were the first company to prove that online commercial Open Source video tutorials were a viable business.

We introduced you to Git before GitHub existed, to Ruby on Rails from the beginning, and to Sass before anyone cared about dynamically generated CSS. In recent years we created the live Play by Play series and kept you at the forefront of Elixir, Ember.js, and UX.

We're continuing that tradition at Pluralsight! Join us there!

A Sampling of Pluralsight Courses