1. Great job on last night's sports extra. Nice to see someone at Channel 7 pays attention to detail! Keep up the great work!

  2. I am looking to contact Danny Abramowicz! I am a friend from years ago! Can you help? Ian Pyka

  3. Light day in the gym post turkey. 20 minutes eliptical,stretch, core, 200 push ups. Time for family and perhaps some college football.

  4. Power is all about performing fast! Read our first edition of PPF NEWS and you will learn how to get muscles to react quicker!

  5. Designing workouts for clients who will be preparing for the NFL Combine. Fail to plan and you plan to fail!

  6. New site to include all info on upcoming release of Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports - THE PULLS and THE OVERHEADS. Check it out!

  7. Great training session. Post workout shake and working on the PPF website to lauch at weekend.

  8. Just finished meal 3 and getting ready to head to the gym for Snatches and Cleans.

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