Introducing SkyDrive for the modern web, built using HTML5

Introducing SkyDrive for the modern web, built using HTML5

Introducing SkyDrive for the modern web, built using HTML5

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We’re committed to making SkyDrive the best place to get access to your content from anywhere, collaborate on Office docs, and share photos. Mike recently talked about how we’re delivering access to your information seamlessly across devices – starting with Windows Phone.

But a key part to delivering on our goals is having a great web experience that works across platforms. While over 100 million people have tried SkyDrive on the web, we know that there’s a lot more we can do to improve the experience. So starting today, we are launching a new version of the SkyDrive website. We took advantage of modern browsers and HTML5 to make SkyDrive faster, easier to navigate, and more beautiful for viewing photos. The new SkyDrive will be rolling out soon, so check back if you don’t see it right away.

Here is a short video I’ve put together to give you an overview of the new SkyDrive.

An overview of the new SkyDrive.


Browser modernization has really opened up the window for us to rethink and re-architect how we build our websites. Whether it’s Hotmail or SkyDrive, taking advantage of the advancements in the browser space is critical to ensuring a fast and fluid experience. While we have always focused on improving the performance of our websites, it was clear that we had reached a point where the kinds of performance gains we were hoping for would not come without an assessment of our entire experience from the ground up. SkyDrive has been around since 2007 and was simply not built for the modern web.

We focused our performance investments in the following areas:

  • We improved many core tasks and scenarios. For example, clicking folders and navigating photo albums will go from 6-9 seconds down to 100-300 milliseconds, and we took advantage of hardware accelerated graphics to make it fast to click through photo slideshows. We’ll address additional core tasks in the future.
  • We focused on building a site powered by HTML5 so that we could include advancements like HTML5 Video, CSS3, and client rendered experiences, as well as making sure our slide show experience was great in all browsers without any special software.
  • We evaluated and removed anything that slowed the experience down or got in the way of a fast, clean site.
  • With Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7, you can pin SkyDrive to your taskbar for faster access to your files. You can create Word, Excel, or PowerPoint docs stored in the cloud in just one click.

Easier to navigate

SkyDrive has always provided access to your files on many desktop and mobile browsers. However, we’ve received a lot of feedback that it was hard to navigate with several entry points to your files (, and and with views that did not make it clear as to what was your stuff and what was shared with you. We’ve taken a fresh approach to solving this problem by providing a single place to see your photos, docs, files shared with you, and files in SkyDrive groups.

One principle in designing the new site is that SkyDrive should be focused on putting your content front and center. The old SkyDrive had a summary of your recent stuff, things shared with you, and activity in your social feed. We heard from many of you that this was confusing and it required too many clicks to get to a document or album. We also looked at the current advertising placement on SkyDrive and decided that this didn’t make sense in this experience. We removed ads to create room for a pane of info about your files, so you can do things like open a doc in Word or Excel on the desktop, directly from SkyDrive.

The new SkyDrive cuts the clutter and presents a clean, simple view of all your documents and photos

For many of you, this view will seem familiar because we decided to make the navigational elements and layout consistent with Windows. This has a couple of benefits: 1) Our 1 billion Windows customers will find the site to be familiar and easy to use, and 2) SkyDrive now fills the page, which really showcases your content using as much of the screen as you allow. This means that getting to your stuff will be more predictable and consistent with how you already work.

If you’re wondering what happened to things like your recent docs and your social feed, don’t worry; they’re still here. You can always get to your recent documents under the Quick views entry or by clicking SkyDrive in the header. You can get to your social updates by going to and using the photos and documents filter to get the specific items you’re looking for.

For those of you who are using Internet Explorer 9, we’ve also provided a fast way to get to SkyDrive from your Windows Taskbar using Pinned Sites and Jump Lists. In doing so, you have even faster access to your SkyDrive and quick access to common tasks like creating Office documents.

Get to SkyDrive from your Windows Taskbar

But we’re not done, and we’re continuing to make SkyDrive even better. Since we take an iterative approach to building software, not all of SkyDrive has been redesigned at this time. There are parts of the experience like creating a new album, uploading, renaming files, sharing, and editing permissions that are also scheduled to get a makeover soon.

More beautiful and fluid for photos

One important area of focus for SkyDrive was on making your photos shine. For many of us, our photos represent our most cherished memories, and they deserve an immersive, fast experience that gets the browser out of the way and lets the photos speak for themselves. When you view your photos in SkyDrive, you get a clean, rich view that fills the browser.

Photos fill the browser

When you select an album, the new mosaic layout displays your pictures in a way that lets you see all your photos in their original aspect ratio. We create thumbnails that reflect the way you took the picture, whether it be a portrait, a landscape, or a panorama shot.

Our new bestfit grid beautifully displays pictures so that you can see everything

Regardless of what screen you have, how big your browser window is, or how many photos you have, SkyDrive always arranges your photos in a clean layout that preserves the original aspect ratio. To do this, we use CSS3 Transitions, a new standard that lets us use subtle animations to rearrange the thumbnails when you resize the browser window. There are early levels of support already in Firefox 4+, Chrome X+, and in IE 10+.

With infinite scrolling, we’ve eliminated pages in the photo viewing experience. Now, you can just scroll the page and see your photos quickly fill in. It looks and feels like a native application.

To see the new photo album experience, just click a photo. The experience puts you in control of what you’re looking at and gets out of your way.

The new Photo Album experience gives you more control of your pictures

The album viewer is built using HTML5 and supports a variety of browsers. If your browser supports accelerated graphics, like Internet Explorer 9, you’ll notice things are fast and fluid. We also take advantage of the HTML5 video tag to support playback of H.264 videos (up to 100 MB), which is also new for this release.

The HTML5 video tag supports playback of H.264 videos up to 100 MB

Additionally, these features all work in your SkyDrive groups as well. So if you have created a group for your family, soccer league, or any other group, you have the same lightning fast, beautiful experience interacting with your shared photos and documents. And we’ve brought things like one click access to your group mailing list right in SkyDrive.

Access your group mailing list with one click in SkyDrive

More to come…

The SkyDrive team hopes you enjoy these improvements. This release represents the beginning of a lot of things we’re excited to bring you, and we’re looking forward to shedding more light on those features as they take shape.

Omar Shahine

Group Program Manager,

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  • markiz
    40 Posts

    while i really like the speed, even the look of the new skydrive, there is still work to be done on the mobile version. the way is mixes ecerything (pictures and documents) is not very productive. hope this gets fixed.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    @trieze13, about masses integration.. I guess that would be a brilliant idea. Also, integration with Windows (folder synch), Mesh, Skype and increasing/uplifting the 100MB quota limit would make it a power tool. Also, there should be a video chat (video conference :D) [I envy google+ for this :( ] and audio & video playing support -- with the options of conversion -- and drag&drop files/folders and web-hosting-service and...

    I am getting tons of spam emails from almost everyone in my contacts having live/hotmail ids. Is there a way you guys get inspired by G people in this domain! also avoid the ads in hotmail.

    Thank you very much Omer and team memebers. Please keep the major updates coming every now-and-then to evolve this great ecosystem.

    P.S. IMVHO, would you please add the "Reply to" functionality in this comments area.. Its hard to follow up on the posts and replies, especially when the scrollbar is of the size of an ant !

  • RJam11
    1 Posts

    Can you confirm this update limited Windows Live functionality on iOS devices?  I can no longer video chat with friends from my iPad using the Messenger app (the option is not there on my iPad and the person I'm chatting with on a computer confirmed the video chat option is grayed out).  Also, since there isn't an Office app I have been using SkyDrive to do basic edits and access my documents from the iPad browser.  Since the update when I log-in to my SkyDrive account I can only open the documents; I can no longer edit within browser.   Is this an intermittent or permanent issue?  Any info would be greatly appreciated, as both Windows Live applications are critical to my mobile work environment.

  • Being able to upload a large (up to 100 MB) image file to SkyDrive is nice. Unfortunately there no longer is a way to get the URL for the image. In right-click properties the URL is to a reduced size image. So what do I use in For some larger files there is no way at all to get an URL. An update to correct this failure is urgently needed. ("The new SkyDrive - Bouquets and Brickbats" )

  • tocsa
    1 Posts

    +1 for a request for an API

    Nice job!

  • Bamby
    1 Posts

    Need to be able to sort photos in Live Skydrive Photos by DATE TAKEN

    A few users reported about this problem at the Live's help forum, and asked to fix it, but were left without answers. See:

    The problem is that with the last update to Live's Skydrive Photos (a beautiful update, which you're describing beautifully in this post) the option to sort the pictures by Date Taken has been removed. The previous version supported this functionality. Now it's possible to sort pictures by the upload date, which makes little sense....

    We're asking in the Windows Live help forum to fix this minor, yet most important issue, ASAP.

    Can you please help with this issue and tell us when can we expect to see it fixed?


    Bamby and the entire herd from the Live help forum

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    New skydrive 1 week after; here are a few additional comments after playing with it for a week.

    Overall I'm very happy with the overall experience, here is just what I didn't like / think should be improved:

    - I am among those that prefer to use the arrows than the auto-play, so that didn't bother me. I would definitely like to see a full-screen slideshow feature (with overlay captions) though.

    - I really miss captions & comments overlay. Already in Wave4 PhotoMail you removed the possibility to add captions, now you relegated those to a side pannel no-one will ever see in skydrive. To me that's pretty sad, 'cause I use skydrive mainly to share my experiences with family and friends, and without the captions there is not much I can share. I sure hope that's not an intrinsec limitation of HTML5, otherwise I'm going to miss silverlight forever. Please bring the captions back to the center stage... I want to "tell stories" not have a photo slideshow in my room...

    - It'd be nice being able to arrange one's albums in thumbnail view. At least make it so that the "thumbnail" view retains sorting on the details view. It's specially anoying since it's enough to rename an album to get to the top of the list...

    - It'd be  nice if you added a "Sort by date created" option. Again, I don't want 3 years old albums to come on top simply because I decided rename them or changed 1/100 photos !

    - It's annoying that when making changes on the "details view" (like album rename, or delete) you come back to the thumbnail view. The new skydrive makes it so much better to navigate/handle your files, but thumbnail/details views preferences should be remembered for it to be really effective.

    - It'd be nice if you added a small map (using bing maps whatsoever) showing the album location (for those that set it up), even better if geo-tag info was read and mapped for all pictures of an album.

    Hope to see some of these comming in future upgrades.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @Noel Burgess I also use Skydrive to host my blog's pictures, and although direct photo links are not as clearly available as before, they remain available. Just right clic on a photo and copy the address to it; that works in my blog just as the old formula.

    You can put that anywhere in the net, though you won't be able to get a link where just the photo shows on a browser (if you link to that pic it'll ask users to downlaod the picture). You can still link to the photo in skydrive gallery though.

    All that said, count me in on those wanting a "direct link" option to show in the "share" menu (and not just "embed"

  • ¡Firedog
    16 Posts


    > on full screen, for now F-11

    Does 'for now' mean you're going to mend zoom (which I hadn't noticed was broken when I first commented) and make available a direct link to a file?

  • "1) when we moved from the Silverlight slideshow to an HTML based one, we didn't implement a play button. In doing our research we found that users preferred controlling playback themselves, and the value of hitting play and sitting back to watch wasn't all that important relative to other features"

    Your research clearly looked at the wrong group of users. I enjoy sitting back to watch a slideshow.

  • FaWo
    2 Posts

    Unfortunately it looks like the incredible 'upload pictures via email attachment'-thing ( stopped to work with the skydrive refit

  • Two comments - I cannot move files within subfolders either, and there is no visual representation of how much space has been consumed...

  • ejor
    1 Posts

    Nice work

    BUT where is the auto rotate for my picture ...

    This is a joke to not  have this in the 21st century !

    If you think there is so much software in the field could break my EXIF information, just add a check box to not follow the EXIF

    But please by default just display them as they were taken

    Without that the gallery is just useless ...

  • wvcadle
    3 Posts

    Two things:

    1. I uploaded My Pictures to the 'My Documents' folder.  Great!  Since Skydrive -still- doesn't allow us to upload folders, they're stuck there, unless I re-upload everything... folder by folder.  It took me about 12 hours the first time.  Is there any way to move these from the Documents folder to the Photos folder?  The 'move files' options are limited at best.

    2. When, if at all, are we going to be able to view and edit documents within the synced mesh folder in the browser?

  • a already using skydrive.......its so useful to sava my docs and pics.......its superb....thank u

  • andrew1
    2 Posts

    After watching the video above, I checked out Apple's keynote from their recent developer conference, and I think that iCloud will include all of the features that we're complaining about SkyDrive now missing.  Watch it and judge for yourself...the video is on Apple's homepage, and the last third of it covers iCloud.

  • Fully agree with @writing.angel and others. What was microsoft thinking when they removed the slideshow feature? Do you guys want us to click 500 times to go through my disneyland pictures? I normally connect with my HDTV and put on the slideshow. Looks like I will have to look else where for it now.

    1) when we moved from the Silverlight slideshow to an HTML based one, we didn't implement a play button. In doing our research we found that users preferred controlling playback themselves, and the value of hitting play and sitting back to watch wasn't all that important relative to other features

    Sorry Omar, microsoft got it completely wrong this time. All users that I know like the auto slideshow feature. None wants to keep clicking till the end - smaller albums, maybe, but that is rare. Do you guys plan to introduce it in the next release or its gone forever?

  • Sorry, just ignore my last question. Found the answer myself: "There are early levels of support already in Firefox 4+, Chrome X+, and in IE 10+."

    Well, bit disappointed, but I'm happy to see all the new features, keep up the high level of work!

    PS: Photo Gallery Sync is really a MUST #feture-request

  • "we use CSS3 Transitions, a new standard that lets us use subtle animations to rearrange the thumbnails when you resize the browser window"

    Well, for some reason this does NOT work for me on IE9 ... in Chrome the animation is seamless, but in IE9 it just rearranges them with no animation.

    Any idea why this might be? Thanks!

  • How do I get the url of my pictures to add them in IPB/phpbb code when HTML is not possible?

  • ONE MORE MUST HAVE FEATURE REQUEST: you must add a "capacity bar" at the top of every page so we can see how much storage space is used up and how much is free! This used to be visible in the old interface so I can't see why you would make it less visible in this new gorgeous website? Add this please! :-)

  • FEATURE REQUEST (THIS IS NO-BRAINER!): Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for FINALLY making Skydrive a usable destination that I can easily recommend to my friends! Love the new interface and look and the great reviews you're getting on tech websites really reflects your achievement! :-)

    Now, the one feature I can't believe you guys have missed and I really hope you can easily and quickly add to the interface in the next few weeks is a check box selection for managing multiple files just like you can in your hotmail inbox for multiple emails! Over the years I've realised that I have dumped LOTS of files onto my Skydrive and thought I'd finally do a bit of a spring clean of a bunch of these out as they are old files that don't matter anymore. This is currently a very painful task, which I'm forced to do one-by-one and a massive oversight for managing large amounts of data quickly.

    Please add check-boxes (like you do in Hotmail and on Windows Phone email) so people can quickly triage their content in batches, whether to delete, download or move the selection. Please don't add this feature months down the road - I think many people will pick up on this very quickly and easily get frustrated with the entire product because of it, moving back to other services like dropbox instead who already cover these basics functions.

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    @  James Manes - I think Windows Live Home is simple and useable enough. Any simpler and you wouldn't have all the amazing features that make it better than iGoogle etc.!

  • Ok can you make it to work like dropbox? it'll be nice if u can install a windows app on u desktop.

  • andrew1
    2 Posts

    I agree with 'trulyindian'...the best thing about SkyDrive was using it as the portal to my favorites.  Now favorites seems to have been deliberately removed in the latest release.  I personally will have to go to another service for this type of VERY essential functionality that Google currently does and iCloud soon will support.

  • I_Mean
    24 Posts

    Didn't like picasa style background, (loved the older one). The idea of organization is excellent but random organization in this upgrade makes me wander if I had hundreds of folders how would i look out for a particular folder. In a detailed view, too tiny fonts with its fuzzy color makes it hard to see and navigate properly while on the less detailed view inclusion of everything in the same place with just a large icon do not seem to be great (i.e. need a defined, ordered and differentiable organization, not only the neat looking one). The fluid and neat looking features are good but less useful if a user is confused when he looks on the chart of all the same looking photo albums or documents i.e. need an easy way to find the particular folder either photo or documents in the first glance instead of going over the whole chart of folders. Hope that Microsoft will get it right in the near future.

  • I_Mean
    24 Posts

    I cannot open a subfolder that is inside the main folder. The fonts are terribly small and the font color is not great. The subfolders when seen in the less detailed view is a small icon with a large blank white space around it. The defined and colorful border would be much better for easy viewing and navigation.

    Otherwise, I would say the attemp to organize the photo gallery with omission of prominent features is just good and ok but I found some issues with the documents.

    Option to organize the files in terms of word, excel, powerpoint and pdf separately would be far better, also along with the grouping of folders with respect to their date of  creation like year, month.

    I hope microsoft to add to features along with other features mentioned in the other comments

  • And and and... one thing more you have just made a mess of favorites. This was one of my favorites functions on skydrive as it gave me access to all my bookmarks from anywhere along with description. And now I cant find how to add bookmarks or how to manage them. VERY Disappointed with that.

  • Feedback:

    1)Ability to move or copy or delete has been made worse. I think there should be a drop down list like option near the show information icon which should have all these features (like previous version Had). Moreover, removal of slideshow is a very BIG disappointment.  

    2) We should also have the option to add folders instead of files.

    3) Direct music and video playback should be there and MOST IMPORTANT direct viewing of pdf files should be added both in skydrive as well as in hotmail.

    4) We need the ability to share individual files without sharing the entire folder. If I share a file whole folder gets shared which is wrong.

    5) I also agree with @wluser point 5 that Hotmail gets too slow when a large message is read. I have also written in Hotmail feedback. This is great annoyance.

  • Feedback:

    1)Ability to move or copy or delete has been made worse. I think there should be a drop down list like option near the show information icon which should have all these features (like previous version Had). Moreover, removal of slideshow is a very BIG disappointment.  

    2) We should also have the option to add folders instead of files.

    3) Direct music and video playback should be there and MOST IMPORTANT direct viewing of pdf files should be added both in skydrive as well as in hotmail.

    4) We need the ability to share individual files without sharing the entire folder. If I share a file whole folder gets shared which is wrong.

    5) I also agree with @wluser point 5 that Hotmail gets too slow when a large message is read. I have also written in Hotmail feedback. This is great annoyance.

  • Loving the new UI specially when viewing the photos. I was just wondering if there will be an option to select multiple files to move/delete them. I was trying to delete a bunch of photos and I need to go over each of them. Anyway, great work guys!

  • @all, we've gotten a lot of questions about move and copy. Here is a video showing how to accomplish these tasks in SkyDrive

  • I have two very burning questions..

    1) When will Microsoft have a Easy and Properly Documented API somthing Like Drop Box.

    2) When will it allow Multiple File and Folder Uploads.

    Please tell if you ave any news of that, :)

  • Carl20
    1 Posts

    It's great to see this stuff but to be honest I'm also looking for some more things to happen in the Mesh department. The size issue doesn't matter to me that much however an increase to let's say 10 GB would be nice, but what's much more important to me are the following points:

    1. Integrate Office Web Apps with Mesh already, hate how I get stuck here on PC's without Office or PC's that I'm not syncing too and I quickly have to edit a file but can't re-upload it (See point 2).

    2. Allow the creation of new folders and the uploading of new or updated files again in the web interface, just like it was possible in the old Mesh Beta; I seriously miss this feature.

    3. Bring back the options to choose the views (Tiles, List, Details) in the web interface.

    4. An option to color the synced folders, kind of like in the old Beta which turned the synced folders blue.

    5. A better viewer for pictures and videos, again like the old Mesh Beta which had the slideshow view as well as playing videos on the fly in the web interface.

    When the latest version Mesh was released with Windows Live Essentials, I was very disappointed that all these features had been removed. That's also why I kept using the Mesh Beta to the very end in March when we were forced to switch.

    Really hoping these options will come back soon.

  • Very cool. I like the new interface, very easy to use. But I'm missing an option, to sort the files by type.

  • wluser
    3 Posts

    @Omar Shahine Hi First i'm happy about the update of Skydrive it really needed to get it but it's not perfect.

    1)Now i'd like to know why we can't move a file from a folder to another folder???? Unbelievable you didn't think about this feature

    2) When i watch photos on Skydrive, Slideshow feature disappeared and full screen mode too, so i can use F11 ok but slideshow....

    3) I'd like to know why there is an animation (and how to disable it) when i slide photos on Skydrive. I have two PC, the first is a 4 years old HP DV6000 on windows 7 32bits who perfectly work well but not so powerful (intel chipset family and dual core 1,86 GHz) and another is more recent with a real graphic card. On the last one PC no problem when i watch photos it's smooth but with the first one it's not smooth because of the animation during transitions between photos, really awful effect. I don't understand because there's no animations on WLM 2011 (to watch photos albums), neither on flick'r or on Facebook works perfectly well but not on Skydrive. It's a mystery for me. I know you work on powerful PC but it's not the case of everybody.... Please go at the essential, the more it is simple and accessible, the more people use.

    4) On office Web Apps why can't we just justify the text i really don't understand, oddly it's possible in Google Docs....

    5) In windows Live Mail, there's a big problem of reading when i receive a lot of attanchements, it's unreadable. No indicators. Last time i received a lot of PDF in one email in my inbox it was really  hard to see which one i've ever download. Problem of readability, size of icons is too big. So it's not good but the problem of readability is only when you got a of attachments.

    I cricticize your products because i love them and i know you can make it better. You're doing a great job guys, you're on the right way. (Sorry for my english, i'm french)

  • Looks much better, I actually want to use this now.. Could use some improvements:

    1) Some way to display remaining free space similar to the way it is shown when you "View synced folders"

    2) Put a play button back into slide show. It is nice to be able to have a self running slide show with transitions, random play, repeat play and configurable time delay. I would like to use SkyDrive as a digital picture frame.

    3) Provide an iPad app so that I can use SkyDrive instead of Dropbox

    4) Why limit video size to 100mb when you give us 25GB of storage. My typical home videos usually range from 400 to 500MB. Google Docs lets me store these files.

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    You need to let us upload folders! It says "upload the files inside the folders", but what if inside the folder is more folders, and it would be complex to set up again online??

    Please add this feature!!

  • grh
    7 Posts

    Awesome work, looks really cool.

    Keep it up!

  • I just wanted to add my thoughts...

    1. I like the new interface. It's becoming easier to understand.

    2. The favicon that I first put on my taskbar was just an ugly white ie logo. Like many others, that process is not working smoothly. However, the nice skydrive logo finally showed up when I tried it again. However, it should "just work" the first time.

    3. There should be no folder restrictions. It needs to work like a regular drive. Having one public folder does make sense to me, though.

    4. I should be able to drag files (and folders) from my W7 desktop straight onto my skydrive window. The uploading process is downright 1990's.

    5. There need to be right-click options, like open, copy and especially delete. Clicking on the file and using the options to the right is not intuitive.

    6. There should be an obvious button on the side that let's you quickly purchase more online storage.

    7. I would like a Mesh-synced folder, but I don't want it for my entire skydrive.

    8. Yep - we need music. Apple fans are laughing their ass off.

    9. The continuing ****deal breaker**** -  We need to upload entire folders. I just can't use skydrive without this.

    Keep 'atter!

  • @JBundyLive Good write-up. While we don't have anything to announce at this time, rest assured we've definitely heard the feedback!

  • There are two major things that bug me about SkyDrive.

    1. No favorites Sync to the web

    2. No photo sync from Windows Live Photo Gallery

    As far as favorites go, you can use Mesh to sync them between computers, but what about being able to access my favorites from the web so that I can have them when I'm away from my home computer? What about favorites sync with Windows Phone 7?

    As far as photo sync, with Google Picasa, I can sync a folder to their web service automatically. If I make changes to a photo, add a tag or location information, etc, it is automatically synced to the web or synced back down to my computer. If I use Windows Live Gallery, I have nothing better than a dumb button that lets me upload picture files to SkyDrive. No sync. Skydrive photos are not visible in WLPG. I have to delete, then re-upload pictures to Skydrive if I need to make changes, or add information. YUCK!

  • Radwag
    1 Posts

    Is there a way to delete a bunch of photos with a single operation? I have several on skydrive that came from the cameraroll and I don't see a way to multi-select, then delete. Surely must be missing something obvious here. Thanks

  • @Omar

    i am really disappointed, that the developers just ignored the wishes of quite some people, who used the slideshow mode so far. was it so complicated or even expensive to program the slideshow function?  i used it very often, personally for me and for representing certain shows to others. i will now move all my foto albums to Picasa, where this function still is available.

    Thank You and Good Bye!

  • @abhilashca

    "Live Mesh integration is possible with SkyDrive, but only in a limited sence. This is how it can be done:

    "In the new SkyDrive, click on the link ‘View Synched Folders’ and it’ll show the folders synched with Windows Live Mesh"

    Check MJ's blog post for more information:


    Most people here concerned about the broken line from Mesh and the rest of SkyDrive are aware of this already and have pinpointed this in prior comments.  We know you can store items in that Synched Folders view via the desktop Mesh client.  The PROBLEM lies in that files synchronized this way are stored SEPARATELY in that Synched Folders link from files stored in the regular folders of part of SkyDrive that allows for editing Office documents in the browser or on Windows Phone in Mango.  There is no direct line of sight for documents stored on a PC to those stored in SkyDrive that can be accessed and edited anywhere, not just a desktop PC.  Mesh appears only necessary for a small business that needs control over its files, not the user who wants anytime, anywhere access.  The cross-section of the breakage in storage between desktop documents synched via Mesh and those stored in the SkyDrive folders reminds me of Android fragmentation where developers get pissed off with the different Android stacks that break apps.  Here with Mesh and SkyDrive, there was never united platform to break. Mesh and SkyDrive are not the same, so while there is an option to edit documents on the desktop in Office 2010 and IMMEDIATELY save them to SkyDrive as if it were a SharePoint, there is not simpler way to sync like you used to be able to do when you edited a file in any version of Office and saved it to a folder synched via Live Mesh Beta.

    The question for Microsoft isn't why have Mesh AND SkyDrive, it's why when you had Live Mesh Beta that DID allow for iCloud-like sync from Desktop-Cloud-Windows Mobile would you deliberately regress the system and cause more problems for device-cloud-device interoperability?  I could save pictures, docs, .pdfs, etc in one place and they would sync to  wherever I asked Live Mesh Beta.  They also WOULDN'T sync if I did not want them to.  This "excitement" over "new" capabilities is ignorant and makes no sense when Microsoft should have straightened this mess out over a year ago.  Ars Technica spelled the problem out quite nicely in terms of Mesh and SkyDrive co-habitating on the same property with no real value in the separation of the two for end-users.  Files synched from the desktop should be available to the user in the SkyDrive folders.  Whenever and wherever those files are changed, those updates should immediately be synced to all devices and cloud storage that have that synchronizing relationship.  LOL in short, Skydrive and Mesh should be combined, because although you can back desktop documents to the cloud, they aren't truly SkyDrive accessible if accessing and editing documents is what SkyDrive's function is said to be.

  • Uhhmm... wow MS. This is actually really good. Seems like a week ago I was complaining about how much of a mess SkyDrive was... now just simplify the home Live page view and it is all set it seems.

  • cas
    10 Posts

    Hello Ohmar,

    it's a really nice update, but me and my friends have some problems with the UI:

    it is not possible to see the icons for the Office Web Apps and the New Folder in create:.... You see the links if you move the mouse cursor there and you can open a new document.

    The same happens with the Thumbnails and Detais View icons.

    The same user has problem on one computer, but he has no problem on the other computer.

    On one computer some users can see the icons and some users can't.

    It happens in a domain and in a workgroup.

    We use IE9\Windows7 (64 and 32 bit Windows7 and 32 bit IE9) and IE8\WindowsXP SP3 (32 bit).



  • kcrannie
    31 Posts

    "We removed ads to create room for a pane of info about your files, so you can do things like open a doc in Word or Excel on the desktop, directly from SkyDrive"


    I echo Revolutions remarks, will the removal of ads extend to hotmail?

  • @pedrool: @OmarShahine or anyone: can you please describe how to move a file which is in a folder you create, to another folder?

    - Information - Move/Copy

  • Live Mesh integration is possible with SkyDrive, but only in a limited sence. This is how it can be done:

    "In the new SkyDrive, click on the link ‘View Synched Folders’ and it’ll show the folders synched with Windows Live Mesh"

    Check MJ's blog post for more information:


  • Hi

    The new changes look great.

    But all my albums are now in a completely different order than they where before. It seems that the modified date, has been changed on some of the albums.

    When I first uploaded them, I was very careful to upload them in the right order, but i'm sad to see that order is somewhat gone now. I have a lot of albums.

    Couldn't you implement a feature, that allows you to rearrange the albums, like you can with the photos?



  • @All for all of you that I didn't individually respond to. Sorry! Rest assured we have seen your feedback! And we do take it to heart. Thanks for the positive comments and all the good suggestions (and in some cases for pointing out what is already painfully obvious to those of us who work on the team) :-).

  • @Dave C. you know better than most that every release of Software is merely a snapshot in time. We aren't done. I made that pretty clear above, maybe not clear enough.

  • @drankurn if by "slideshow" what you mean is automatic playback of photos, then we no longer have that feature. But we still have a slide show view, although you need to click to advance or use the next and previous arrow keys.

  • @danielgr also would like to see native PDF viewing :-) and we have release notes here that includes the note about the PDF icons.

  • @writing.angel 1) when we moved from the Silverlight slideshow to an HTML based one, we didn't implement a play button. In doing our research we found that users preferred controlling playback themselves, and the value of hitting play and sitting back to watch wasn't all that important relative to other features and 2) also when we moved to HTML browsers don't allow us to invoke full screen mode, but you can do so by using F-11 on a PC (full screen mode)

  • @justinsoong not yet

  • @Noel Burgess thanks for the feedback on the file extensions. Will share with the team. Also on full screen, for now F-11.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    Nice, but a bit useless to me. Tried using WebDAV with it, wouldn't even let me copy over a paltry 3MB file (!)

  • Ok, I have tried it.  It is nice.  

    It did undo the rotation i had on my photos in Iphoto once they were loaded onto the Skydrive.  The Skydrive photo tools do not allow me to rotate my photos...really, this is a basic function of managing photos...please correct this.

    the Mosaic feature is not available in Safari.

    An add photo or video button needs to be added to the interface when I have the album open.

  • Dave C.
    1 Posts

    Omar and Dan, you know I have the utmost respect for you. But seriously, what were you guys thinking releasing this in the current state? Dropbox has already set the bar pretty high, and this doesn't even come close. I thought the whole point of the Windows Live division was to make online services that seamlessly worked with (and therefore increased the value of) the Windows OS. And there's no way to mount my SkyDrive in Windows?! Sadly, I think I have to agree with Matt Rosoff from Business Insider. SkyDrive only makes Dropbox look better in comparison. I'm looking forward to the next rev.

  • you still don't have the ability to sort photos by date taken? or auto rotate them to show them all upright automatically? Google album has had this for so many years....

  • IanCHC
    1 Posts

    Looks very nice. Unfortunately, I can no longer access any of my documents using office 2010 from IE9 on Wndows 7 - "Open in links" do nothing.  Had no trouble with old UI (been using it every day for months).

    Works from another PC ... I hava tried reinsalling live, office clearing security, history etc. I have compared add-ins with the other machine all looks the same.

    Searching the web suggests I am not the only one who now has this problem (IE9 users).

    How about an audit your settings button somehere? (there are quite a few).

  • I am from rural part of India  ,i really felt all hotmail,skydrive ,live services got some delay compared to others.Great updation to skydrive,things are pretty fast since you have changed to html 5.I am glad Microsoft are respecting w3c standards which is future so that it can be supporte in any browser (I am an opera fan). Make the hotmail rid of ads and make faster to load like others (especially opera )

    Any way all this transformations are tuned considering  windows 7 phones and future windows editions (win 8) tablets,cloud computing,this are steps in right direction i think.

    Currently i am using Gmail as primary and hotmail as secondary.With meaningful and rightful efforts are coming from MSFT.,i would like to switch live services  as primary (if you guys are making with cross browser support :it will be not an issue if you guys are not opting for your own propeitary technology and stick on html5).

    I will surely buy windows phone 7 with mango update from nokia : i think wp7 mango is superior to other half bake toy offerings .Its pretty sure windows is going to surpass IOS and mac threats within 2 or 3 years frame.Once Nokia land up the market windows phone sale will boost up.So make skydrive (future of computing ),hotmail,live services,office make easier to access and redesign with html5 in that time

  • Sadatay
    15 Posts

    This is an awesome update to my favorite cloud service. I have a question though: when are we gonna be able to view pdf files stored in skydrive in the browser? Keep up the good work guys

  • Hmmm,  I like the new look.  I will have to try this out when I get home, just to give Skydrive another chance to impress me.

    But I do have some request.  Support for Safari and Iphoto; I do keep all of my pictures in Iphoto.  Please give the Onenote app some form support love.



  • @Carlos - Can you send me your email address offline and we'll look into this. I sent you a 'friend' request.

  • Drazick
    16 Posts

    Still, The uploading process doesn't take advantage of File API to upload multiple files at once.

  • drankurn
    42 Posts

    Dear Omar,

    It looks like i can't view my photos with slide show, is that true?

  • Now, make me want to use it. For that I need a) Live Mesh capable of handling the full 25GB and my folder structure b) A mobile app that works across all OS platforms.

    Don't make it as dead simple as Dropbox - not requiring passwords ;)

  • Great work but I lost some files, does anyone knows how can I recover it?

  • WPS
    8 Posts

    What I miss still after this Upgrade:

    Make moving files easier. After this update it is still the old, slow working dialouge, wich seems to be not work with the same technique than the normal SkyDrive browsing does now.

  • The other comments show great praise and I join in. The new SkyDrive looks and works great! As others have pointed out, there are some things that were lost and some very much desired features that are not (yet, I hope) available.

    1) The loss of the slide show feature is most unfortunate. I have many blogs with links to slide shows that no longer work.

    2) In many blogs, I and others, source images from SkyDrive. The old links still work, but there is now no way (that I could find) for obtaining the URL of an image so it could be inserted in a document or blog. Please don't make us source from Flickr or Picasaweb (both make it very easy).

    3) Moving folders with contents to SkyDrive is a much needed and requested feature.

    4) An easy way of mapping SkyDrive into Windows Explorer - with full functionality - will make many, many folks happy!

    5) A short web address for SkyDrive photos and documents would make sharing much easier. We had that back in the days of Spaces - please bring easy addressesback (like, or

  • mvacha
    2 Posts

    Also some Dev API and explorer integration would be great.

  • mvacha
    2 Posts

    Nice upgrade, thanks for great work. The site is really faster and easier to use.

    But i really miss multiselect, some icons next to links (rename, download etc...) and better integration of synced folders.

  • P.S. Features still needed:

    - The ability to upload a whole folder with subfolders and files!

  • Thanks! The new UI is very clear. The whole SkyDrive website is noticably faster. HTML5 coolness is most welcome. This works beautifully in IE9 on my Windows 7 tablet, and equally well on IE8 on my ancient work PC..

    All we need now is Zune integration, and a web API that's open to developers!

  • treize13
    12 Posts

    I guess I didnt check SkyDrive yesterday, which is odd because I almost use it daily when I'm away from home. However, I was psuprised to see such a nice, neat and organizaed UI. The only thing I can add is increased integration with Mesh and make sure the masses (hotmail, live, and Windows users) know that this exist. It would help to bring more users into the ecosystem if they knew of the plethora of resources available.

  • @danielgr

    Dear Daniel,

    "I think you missunderstood part of my message. You can see your photos in full-screen without any kind of menu. To do that:

    1st) Clic on any photo from the album → brings you to big photo + right menu + bottom thumbnails

    2nd) Clic again over the large photo → gets rid of the bottom thumbnails

    3rd) Remove the side menu by clicking on the "collapse" arrow on the top-left part of the menu bar

    Now you can see your photos in fullscreen and navigate them using keyboard arrows or mouse (you need to clic towards the right / left edges of the photo)"

    This is exactly, what i did, but we both missed another step: You MUST press button F11 on your PC-keyboard!! Otherwise you/i can still see all the other menu bars of the pc ...

    "What you cannot do is "autoplay", nor display the comments without the side-bar menu."

    I know, and specially to kick out the function of autoplay was a bad idea. I hope, the developers will correct this and bring it back.

    "Hope that helped."

    partially, but thanks a lot anyway


  • controlz
    145 Posts

    I love the new Wave 5 SkyDrive! It just needs more Mesh integration!

  • danielgr
    73 Posts


    I think you missunderstood part of my message. You can see your photos in full-screen without any kind of menu. To do that:

    1st) Clic on any photo from the album → brings you to big photo + right menu + bottom thumbnails

    2nd) Clic again over the large photo → gets rid of the bottom thumbnails

    3rd) Remove the side menu by clicking on the "collapse" arrow on the top-left part of the menu bar

    Now you can see your photos in fullscreen and navigate them using keyboard arrows or mouse (you need to clic towards the right / left edges of the photo)

    What you cannot do is "autoplay", nor display the comments without the side-bar menu.

    Hope that helped.

  • Great job done. Still missing some features though such as :

    PDF reading support, multiple video formats support.

    Hope the following features get included in the next updates. Mind blowing work. Keep it up.

  • Fergus
    5 Posts

    Nice work - a lot faster and the interface is clean and makes sense!

  • jjgoos
    1 Posts


    first of all great new features.

    The only thing is: it looks like the favicon is not loading on my taskbar when I pin it.

    Is this a known issue?



  • ElToro
    3 Posts

    Great work! Especially the album view is very good! I think skydrive is getting really close to be a good alternative to gdocs/picasa. Here's some key points that are still missing.

    - The folder structure has some strange limitations on move and permissioning depending on whether the element is a root element or a subfolder.

    - It should be possible to upload full size fotos manually from windows phone.

    - The slideshow must return.

    - People markers should be better linked with hotmail contacts regardless if they are messenger friends or not (in picasa a similar feature exists although not so well done neither).

  • I notice that the photos don't seem to be picking up pre-existing Tag metadata (e.g. IPTC Core metadata). I do hope that this is coming. I have no wish to re-tag photos just for display in SkyDrive...

  • I have a problem using updated SkyDrive in IE 9: I have 2 OneNote documents on SkyDrive, but how do I open and edit it? I clicked on the item but I cannot see any link to open it.

  • But why has the file size only been increaded till 100 MB!!!

    If you have a normal canon ixus 100 photo cam and you record a 4 min 720p video you have 700mb files and thats only for 4min raw data...

    If I would like to share my holiday pictures (200 photos and 15 small movies) I would like to share those small movies too without having to reformat them! Why having such a trouble with bigger file sizes...ggggrrrr...big disappointment!!!

    Can someone tell me how I can share them without converting them into low quality movies because I bought a cam that could make HIGH QUALITY movies, a response please Ms Live Skydrive team?

  • Dear Daniel,

    thanks a lot for your answers, even if i do not like them :-(

    too bad, that a genuine, complete full screen without any other menus of my pc is impossible and the automatic playing of a slideshow, which i used a lot for entertaiment is not possible anymore. i did not notice the lacking of the comments so far, but this also is a step backwards!. i will look for an alternating system.

    please excuse my faulty english, but you might enjoy more these photos of my last trip to Venice, Italy:



  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @writing.angel Indeed it seems we've lost a few nice features when moving from silverlight to html5 photo viewing.

    Not only there is no "auto/slideshow", but we also lost the overlay photo comments and quotes. To view them now you need to let the side-panel opened, which to me at least it's worst.

    You can still get your photos full screen without menus by simply clicking on them (and removing the side panel). Then navigate with arrow keys (though no "play" feature and no fancy colorizations).

    All those things are still working if you watch them using Windows Live Essentials programs though; just not anymore in skydrive.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    Forget part of my previous comment; I-ve just noticed you've actually added those icons for some popular file types (like pdfs); now that's a nice addition I hadn't seen mentioned anywhere yet.

    Thanks !

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    Forgot to add; please please please add pdf viewing capability within skydrive and without needing to download the document ...

    Or at least identify files other than Office ones by fancy icons like in Windows ...  At least for the most common ones...

  • Hi Omar.

    i use very often and love the photo gallery function of sky drive for years. The new surface looks nice, but i am badly missing TWO functions.

    1) automatic playing a slideshow of the photos of a folder (not clicking on each single photo!)

    2) full screen function  - without any menus etc.

    also i wished there would have been implemented a function to play a sound parallel to an automatically playing slideshow!

    But what has happende to 1) and 2) ??


    Henning from Berlin, Germany

  • Very nice! However, it'd be great when you close the full lightbox photo view to be popped back to the same point in the album mosaic view. Having to scroll back down through large folders is a bit of a pain! :)

  • Specul8
    1 Posts

    @wesdo - You can easily map a SkyDrive folder as a drive letter - see this blog article...

  • csmikle
    14 Posts

    'Waves' are OK, they just take too long. The point of decoupling Windows Live was to allow faster iteration// what happened?

    When is SkyDrive going to look as  awesome as Kin Studio and be as useful as MyPhone?

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    As for those asking for Mesh integration, personally I wouldn't like it. I really wouldn't like to get all my skydrive replicated on my hard drive, and as far as I go I'm happy with the current status:

    - 25GB skydrive for "sharing with people"

    - 5GB mesh-dedicated skydrive sync for my own stuff portability.

    Those are to me completely diff uses that I wouldn't like to mix up with.

    Not that it wouldn't be nice to browse skydrive from a PC (non-web) interface, but that's another story beyond mesh and syncing.

  • FuchiStar
    18 Posts

    I don't get the "View" or "Tasks" jump lists when I pin and right-click, either.

    Like cmwind, I can pin the SkyDrive "cloud"  icon but only the generic "unpin" section shows up...

    This has happened with several different sites that I've tried - although my Hotmail icon is currently working.

    What to do?

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    As an intensive skydrive user since d1 this is a really nice (and much needed) upgrade.

    Among many others, here are some easy ones I sure hope will come soon:

    - Ability to multiple-select (for delete, etc.) & drag-drop files (and why not folders), as one can do within hotmail.

    - Right clic functionality (though I could do without this one if it really slowed the experience)

    - Direct group access is nice, but it'd be nice to get nested "documents/photos" as for one's own data.

    - Would be pretty convenient if one could sort by "shared with", as it's possible to do it with the other fields.

    I'm glad skydrive is little by little becoming the heart of Windows Live services; at some point I thought you would even kill it. Keep it up !

  • @  Omar Shahine I see that now, thx. However now I dont see anywhere that shows the space remaning, and thus the 25GB issue becomes even more worrysome with this release.