David Ogden Stiers Comes Out After Decades in the Closet

Robert Dougherty
David Ogden Stiers is an actor one might know by face and voice, but not by name. Ogden Stiers became famous for playing Mayor Charles Emerson Winchester on M*A*S*H, and later lent his voice to several famous Disney animated productions. Now, in his mid-60's, David Ogden Stiers has come out of the closet, and did so in what is becoming a trendy fashion - in an interview for a blog.

David Ogden Stiers gave his coming out interview for the website Gossip Boy. The article has a date of March 11, 2009, but is just getting attention now around the Internet. Ogden Stiers, or DOS as the interviews calls him, comes out right at the start of the interview and goes on about his motivations for having stayed in the closet all these years.

Ogden Stiers is the second well known name to use the Internet as a tool to come out recently, and the second one to confirm long-held rumors of his sexuality. Kelly McGillis, the star of Top Gun and The Accused, was accused of being a lesbian for years, until finally coming out in an online interview last week.

For years, David Ogden Stiers has faced rumors of homosexuality, due to having never been married for so long. The interview claims that "He's never been to a gay bar, participated in a Pride event, or any thing that would raise questions about his sexuality. That's about to change."

Despite having hidden his orientation for this long, Ogden Stiers said that he was "very proud" to be gay. He also claimed that he had stayed in the closet for so long for the sake of his career, and so as not to offend the Disney company.

After Ogden Stiers rose to fame on M*A*S*H, he entered into a long relationship doing voices for Disney shows and movies. Ogden Stiers has voiced Cogsworth the clock in Beauty and the Beast, evil Governor Ratcliffe in Pocahontes, and mad scientist Jumba in Lilo and Stitch, among many others.

Disney is often praised for being gay friendly, but Ogden Stiers did not want to take any chances. Though he said that Disney and studios are gay friendly for the most part, it is a "matter of economics" to them, as well as a reluctance to deal with these issues for "minor players" in their ranks.

But he didn't name any more studios or names on this issue, saying that there was no animosity. Odgen Stiers went on to talk about his ideal partner, and new lifestyle ahead as an openly gay man.


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