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Aaron Swartz’s legacy, India destroys polio, whitewashing Ariel Sharon

January 14, 2014 04:30

Aaron Swartz.(Reuters / Noah Berger)

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Abby Martin remarks on the first anniversary of the death of internet freedom and civil liberties activist Aaron Swartz, drawing attention to the aggressive crusade by the US justice department to convict him for freeing information. Then, efforts in India that have led to the total eradication of the polio disease. We discuss the recent chemical spill in West Virginia, at a site that hasn’t been inspected since 1991, and what this means for the future safety of the US water supply. The editing practices of the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia - we call out the site’s editors for their lack of all-encompassing points of view. Finally, an interview with independent journalist Rania Khalek, discussing the corporate media whitewashing the real legacy of the late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

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Comments (10)


lockanloadpete 18.01.2014 10:05

good points being made about staged suicides,remember the dc madam?we still dont know how many men held her still while she hung


Amanda Sansoucie 15.01.2014 17:58

Like some have said, it's ridiculous to say Aaron Swartz killed himself when we all know what can happen to those who try speaking up.
Also, the polio vaccination led to over 47,000 paralyzed children after being introduced. Promoting vaccinations that have had hugely detrimental effects on people doesn't make this show look so great.


keith 15.01.2014 06:50

great show :) as usual. refreshing to see the truth and also to hear real story's.

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