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Netflix Asgard

Grails is the basis for Asgard, the Netflix open source web interface for applic...

Netflix uses Grails for many internal web applications used by employees and partners. Engineers appreciate the combination of high development velocity, ability to use Java libraries, and minimalism of boilerplate code.

Grails is the basis for Asgard, the Netflix open source web interface for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Asgard was created by a handful of developers and is now in use in other companies including Obama for America.


NOWTV powered by Sky is an online movie and sports streaming service.

Delivering instant movie awesomeness since, right now.

You can sign up to NOW TV, powered by Sky, to start enjoying top Sky Movies titles streamed through your broadband connection. There’s no contract, set up or installation. Simply pay for what you want when you want it, whether that’s renting a movie from Sky Store on a one-off, Pay & Play basis, or a month-to-month Sky Movies Pass for all-you-can-watch, on-demand viewing. It’s perfect if you need to keep the kids entertained all day during the school holidays, or you just want to catch that blockbuster you missed at the cinema.

Yellow Pages Mobile

Yellow Pages Responsive Website for Mobile and Tablets (Desktop coming soon)

After much needed work on the Yellow Pages Mobile website, the team undertook the task of rewriting the site using Responsive Web Design techniques. The team benefited from the rapid application development provided by the Grails framework and is further aided by the plugins available in the ecosystem. As such, the team was able to focus explicitly on building the features of the site rather than spend time on plumbing.

The framework's foundation in Java/JVM also helped the team a great deal as their primary proficiency was in Java and learning Groovy was relatively straightforward for them. All in all, the experience with the Grails framework has been overwhelmingly positive.

Citrus Lane

care packages for parents - baby and child products, parent tips, curated subscr...

Curated subscription service for parents with babies or toddlers.


French website for a major French insurance, the one dedicated to health workers. The website has been partially remade so far, the purpose being that the front-office runs entirely on Grails2 by mid-2012.

The application uses MySql, and communicates with the (fully separated) back-office using JMS messages.

Fully designed, hand-made, and hosted by Clever Age, France.


Biglots is the nations largest broadline closeout retailer, Big Lots has the power to negotiate the best deals in the business. We sell a broad range of high-quality, brand-name products, including consumables, seasonal items, furniture, housewares, toys, electronics, home decor, tools and gifts.

Vodafone Music

After having evaluated several Java frameworks, we decided that Grails was perfect to fulfil our requirements and be able to develop and launch the new Vodafone Music Store in a very short time, meeting the strict deadline for product launch.

Grails provides the developers with all the tools needed to achieve the tasks in an efficient and effective manner without having to deal with configurations or low level details.


We built an online To Do List and Project Management application called Manymoon on Grails. The framework helped us quickly develop a simple, working product that we could release to customers and start gathering feedback. Grails made it easy for us to quickly iterate and improve the application based on this feedback. We also liked the integration with Hibernate and Spring since it reduces the amount of time to develop and test code. We have received great feedback from customers on Manymoon...especially the performance! Manymoon is like Facebook for projects and you can use it today to manage your software development project.


Ticketbis is an internet website where everyone may buy and sell tickets for concerts, festivals, theater plays, football matches, etc. using the fastest, easiest, and most secure method.

The biggest and most successful group buying website in the Middle East. Operating in 5 countries, more than 1,2 million users, up to 1,000 concurrent visitors, it proves it is fast and scalable.


Real Estate Management for Governments

Our mission is to bring governments, developers, and community organizations together to create vibrant, sustainable communities by unlocking the value of public land and buildings.

Grand St.

Grand St. helps our members discover the best new technology products by featuri...

Grand St. hand picks, tests, and highlights well-designed, delightful hardware from independent producers, featuring one new selection every other day. The way consumer electronics are made, bought, and sold is changing. We help you experience new technology that improves your life.

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is the leading e-commerce site in latin america

Mercado Libre is the leading e-commerce site in latin america with presence in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominicana, Ecuador, México, Panamá, Perú, Portugal, Uruguay, Venezuela


Digital tools to help market gated communities and estates online

PropertyEngine builds online tools to generate quality leads for new developments, estates and gated communities.


Property portal focussed on the estates and gated communities in South Africa

HelloHouse aims to be a niche property finding service, positioning ourselves headlong within the trajectory of aspiring home-owners who desire to live in a secure residential community, whether it be an established development or still in planning phase. As the trend of community living gathers momentum, we believe that the information regarding these developments should be available in one, easily accessible repository, right down to individual unit level.


Web portal delivering information about cultural events in Poland

Created with Grails and postgreSQL by one developer. It allows users to find events happening around them - cultural events, concerts, cinema events, etc.


Teleradiology Service

Teleradiology system that helps physicians visualize images and conduct report, then the system sends the next generated by e-mail, and sent to a specialized clinic.

Print service in Belarus

Site intended to create and order printed products(Postcards, Greeting card, Mag...

The app located at The client side is written in Apache Flex and server side is in Grails + BlazeDS.

Billastick - Online Billing System

This is an online billing/invoice system which is useful to keep track total sal...

This is an online billing/invoice system which is useful to keep track total sales of business and total payament. This application contains Tax, Items, Esitmation, Invoice, Refund, Credit Note, Customer, Report modules.

As of now this application is developed for Indian users only. Every user who do selling can use this system and track all payments and sale based on their customers. User can generate custom report for Credit/Debit invoice and payment.


Sale and Order of Crafts

EL ISLERI is a e-commerce (craft ) website.This is our second project that completely written in Grails! Grails is a perfect framework for JAVA developer and Companies

Equilibrium Appraisal System

Equilibrium Appraisal System build by Leapfin Solutions is a performance managem...

Equilibrium Appraisal System build by Leapfin Solutions is a performance management system used by multiple law firms in South Africa. It is a simple Software as a Service (SAAS) where clients subscribe for a given period. The main goal of the application was to solve the recurring problem in most organization that there was no easy way to monitor the progress of employees. The application enables employees to complete online appraisals , set goals and record when goals are achieved. All the data collected is stored in a secure centralized database that enables easy access and safe storage.

The application was built using grails for the backend and angularjs, jquery for the front end. We also used amazon web services, in particular, Amazon Simple email Services for notifications.

Application built by Thando Mafela