The century bob XL freestanding punch bag review


The century bob XL freestanding punch bag



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The century bob XL freestanding punch bag review

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The Century BOB XL Freestanding Punch Bag is an amazing high quality punch
bag. I had decided to get a punch bag as I had been longing for one for almost a
year. The use would be for home work-outs and exercises. However I didn’t just
want a standard punch bag, I wanted a freestanding punch bag. This is due to
the fact I can’t accommodate a punch bag stand! I read some reviews online and
decided that the Century bob would be the one for me.

It was delivered relatively quickly and arrived within 4 working days. This was good
as I was eager to get going! The century bob XL freestanding punch bag comes well
packaged and secured. It is easy enough to carry and isn’t too heavy. First off the
product is exactly as it is described. The base is extremely easy to fill and the torso
is easy to place on top of the base. The base gets filled with water (which is also
extremely simple to do) and you’ll have the whole thing up and ready to go in no time
at all!

I find that the easiest way to fill up the base is with a hose. This is due to the fact
that the base holds a lot of water (potentially stopping the punch bag from moving).
The base is well made and I could see it having a leak any time soon! Since I
have placed the lid on the base not one drop of water has come out yet, even after
the intense kicking I have been giving it. The torso which goes onto the base is
extremely well made. It has got to be the best designed punch bag I have ever seen/

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The torso is designed to be like a real man and is tall enough to perform kicks and
punches. And I must say it is a great stress relief! The torso is made out of a flesh
like material and while you are practicing on it, it does feel very real. It has been
the most realistic training I have ever done. The height of the Century Bob XL
freestanding punch bag can be adjusted to your own preference.

You don’t have to use bag gloves or hand wraps when using Bob but I would
recommend it (from my own personal experience) because it can get very sore on
your hands considering it is very realistic. When I am working out on this punch bag
it barely moves across the floor. Only the odd time it would budge slightly when
I hit it especially hard but this isn’t too much of a problem as it only moves a few

Overall this is a great quality freestanding punch bag and I would highly recommend
it to anyone looking for a punch bag for home work outs or training! You get what
you pay for; it does the job and even more. I guarantee you will be happy with this

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Conclusion Rating
The century bob XL freestanding punch bag
4 stars

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