When You Help Others Get What They Want, You Get What You Want

I have heard this phrase very frequently lately: When you help others get what they want, you get what you want. It resonated with me, but I wasn’t sure if it was something that I ever truly felt. I’ve always wanted to help people become healthy and live the lives they wanted, but often times, I knew I was getting something out of it. I was always someone who did something for the reward/recognition.

Until now.

I qualified for this AMAZING team vacation to Big Bear, CA this past weekend. We stayed in this huge 3 story mansion/cabin, with 45+ people. There were A LOT of dishes and and shaker cups! I volunteered to do the dishes on numerous occasions, but I realized I was doing it just to help, not for the “Thank You”s. It was the first time I truly knew I was doing something to help others.

The second time I felt this way was yesterday. I was on the phone with one of my very good friends whom I have never actually met in person! She has been a client of mine since June 2013, and I have helped her to live a healthy, active lifestyle! Last night, we were talking about her life goals. Who she wants to be, where she wants to live, the things and feelings that would make her happy.

I have the opportunity to help people in various aspects of life (physical and mental health, wealth, empowerment, personal development, etc). I provided this opportunity to my friend for HER. It had nothing to do with me. I don’t care about the reward I will get. I care about her and helping her make her life better! I was full of so much emotion as we talked on the phone, because her and I are so similar, and if I could impact just one person, I would be happy.

The happiness and love I felt when discussing her life goals, THAT is truly getting what I want by helping others get what they want. And I am so incredibly excited for her!!

What is something that you can do to help others get what they want?

Be Present

This past weekend, I was in Anaheim, CA for Herbalife’s Quarterly Event: January Spectacular. It is a two day event where we learn from the best health coaches and business builders around the country on how to improve in our business and personal lives.

Every three months, there is a BIG event. This event (JanSpec) was my fourth big event since joining Herbalife. And this was the first event in the past 14 months where I did not have anxiety and I did not want to “just get through it.” I was very present at JanSpec. Usually I am on my phone (Facebook, Instagram, texting) throughout most the training, and constantly checking the time wondering “when will it end?”

But not this time!

My mentor Elyse asked me last night, “So what is different this time?” I told her I KNOW this is my career, and I am now mentally stable enough to where I can process everything. There are so many trainers that go on stage and give so much information- often times it gets overwhelming for me because I cannot process it correctly. But not anymore!

The biggest difference: I know this is where I belong. This life is for me, even if I did not believe it in the past.

So every day I felt excited, and I listened from a new perspective (as if I was brand new to the world), and I enjoyed every minute! Time goes way too fast sometimes, and it’s so important to be present in every moment – you never know what you will miss!


Our team (Holloway Org) at the 80s party on Saturday night. We get to dress up at night, and then be professional during the day! Super fun!


30 Day Squat Challenge

I hope you’re all having an amazing Monday so far! I am currently in a New Years body challenge, and I’m already doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pc-NizMgg8 - and I have now decided to also add the 30 Day Squat Challenge!!


I am inviting you to join me!

Find me on Facebook - www.facebook.com/getfitwithlynds - and post that you are doing the challenge too, and we will hold each other accountable!! I am soo excited about this! Let’s see what can happen in 30 days. :)

Comment below if you are going to join, too!

The Power of Intention

It is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning in Los Angeles, and I just watched a powerful sup school via Ustream!! There are some frustrating things happening right now, BUT I started my day off perfectly and positively, and those intentions that you set first thing in the morning are how your day will go!!

I AM loving.
I AM beautiful. 
I AM strong. 
I AM powerful. 
I AM a leader. 
I AM a vessel for health and change.



What are your intentions for today? Share with me by posting below! :)

Welcome to the New Year

Happy 2014 everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your NYE and NY day! I was in Ohio for Christmas with my family for two weeks, and it was great for reminding myself what is important in my life. I was able to get my head clear and my priorities straight, and I came back to LA with great vision of why I do what I do.

I work hard with my nutrition and fitness business because I want to have the opportunity to fly home whenever I want.

Although, maybe not in the winter, because my flight back to LA was canceled, and then I traveled for 17 hours to next day to make it back. It was definitely an interesting day!

So, new year’s resolutions. I used to have resolutions every year, and I would write them down in my journal on January 1st. Then I got to a point where I thought it was silly to change something just because it is a new calendar year. I thought that a new year wasn’t an actual reason to SAY I was going to lose weight, or whatever I picked that year. People on Facebook are very vocal about their thoughts on this as well. I see so many people posting “why now and not before?” etc etc.

I totally understand their point, however, I now disagree.

Who cares if you’re deciding to lose weight, get healthy, stop smoking, WHATEVER just because it is a new year. YOU ARE STILL DOING IT! Which is AWESOME!! Say your goal is to lose 10 lbs in January. You’re going to bust your butt to lose those 10 lbs. And guess what? You’re already going to be doing way more than the people who don’t want to make a resolution. I’m not saying you have to have a resolution to lose weight or be awesome, but sometimes for certain people, it is easier to have an actual reason to lose weight, or stop smoking, or learn to play the piano, and so on.

I will admit that I am one of those people. Having a reason, having something specific to look forward to, that helps me. And I have finally figured that out and embraced it.

Whether you like the idea of a “new year” or not, I believe we all secretly love new beginnings, even if it’s just because a calendar says so. So I suggest using the new year as a reason to improve yourself in some way. It doesn’t matter what it is, just something that makes you a better person this year.

What are you going to choose?

No More Naps

I find it interesting that I keep reading statuses and comments about people being exhausted, lethargic, having insomnia, yet unable to stay awake during the day. They need naps every day just to make it through the day.

Think about how much time would be saved, and how many things you could accomplish without taking all those naps.

What’s even MORE interesting are the things that people suggest for these problems. Synthetic energy supplements, prescription drugs (often addictive ones), cough syrup, doctor visits with extensive tests, energy drinks, and so on.


I stare at these answers and shake my head. Are we that uneducated at how important nutrition is? We live in a society where it’s more acceptable to allow ourselves to get sick, and then take countless medications in hopes of getting better. But what about taking care of our bodies to PREVENT these ailments? Are we really that lazy? It baffles me.

Fuel your body properly. Eat fresh, clean foods. Exercise. Take REAL vitamins/supplements. Do not starve yourself to lose weight. Drink water. Live a life of gratitude.

Simple as that.




I hope you all had and are continuing to have a wonderful holiday season! The new year is quickly approaching, and I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to get myself some new health results! I stuck to my nutrition program throughout the holidays (and actually lost weight!), but I did have a few more cheat meals than I should have.

My team is having a body challenge, the #BeautynBeastChallenge starting January 2, and everyone is invited to join!

It includes:

  • One on one health coaching
  • Customized nutrition program
  • Cookbook + Recipes
  • Meal prepping
  • Shopping list
  • Daily workouts
  • Online Community + accountability

If this is something you’re interested in, shoot me an email @ lyndsay.marvin@gmail.com! You can also find me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/lyndsay.marvin .

It’s going to be 5 weeks long, and a perfect way to start 2014!! This year, I am committed to becoming the best version of myself. Are you?